Bucket List

I thought it would be nice to share my Bucket List with you all, so that I have somewhere to keep record of what I'd like to do, and what I've achieved so far. This is my list, and I will add further posts as I complete points on the list.

·      Make a CD of all my old favourite songs
·      Go to Longleat Safari Park
·      Have a girly weekend in London with Nicola
·      Go for a picnic
·      Take a Duck Tour in London
·      Visit Edinburgh
·      Build a sandcastle
·      Ride in a hot air balloon
·      Go and see a ballet
·      Go to The Ice Bar in London
·      Go to Cadbury World
·      Visit Harry Potter Studio Tour
·      Holiday in Cornwall
·      Holiday in Devon
·      Go to Windsor
·      Visit Australia
·      Visit New Zealand
·      Go to the Lake District
·      Visit Chatsworth Estate
·      Go to The New Forest
·      Go to Fortnum and Mason Ice Cream Parlour
·      Complete my ‘Wreck It Journal’
·      Complete my Art Journal
·      Create a recovery/happy scrapbook
·      Go to Alton Towers
·      Holiday in California
·      Holiday in Florida
·      See a West End Musical
·      Swim with dolphins
·      Have a cupcake at the Hummingbird Bakery
·      Have a Disney themed party
·      Attend a blogger event
·      Go for a weekend break with Mum
·      Go on holiday with a friend
·      Visit Disneyworld and Universal Studios
·      Go to Kew Gardens
·      Go to RHS Wisley
·      Visit Jenny and Sophie in Winchester
·      Go to a Christmas Market
·      Ride on the Orient Express
·      Visit Stonehenge
·      Eat at a sushi bar
·      Visit Ireland
·      Go punting down the river in Oxford or Cambridge
·      Go to a cocktail bar
·      Collect all the Disney DVDs
·      See the Northern Lights
·      Drive down Route 66
·      Holiday in Canada
·      Go to San Francisco
·      Go to Switzerland
·      Bake a rainbow layer cake
·      Watch a sunset at the beach
·      Walk through a field of wild flowers
·      Visit Paris
·      See Niagara Falls
·      Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain in Rome
·      Own a Polaroid/instant pic camera
·      Get married
·      Graduate
·      Start my ideal job
·      Buy a house
·      Have a baby
·      Visit Las Vegas
·      Escape to a tropical island
·      Helicopter over the Grand Canyon
·      Meet my online friends
·      Have a girly sleepover
·      Go for a spa break
·      Kiss under the mistletoe
·      Watch a sunrise
·      Go to Venice
·      Take part in a big event for charity
·      Scrapbook my bucket list
·      Stay at a ski resort
·      Go to London at Christmas
·      Go on safari
·      Visit Iceland
·      Go to Tokyo
·      Go to Hong Kong
·      Go on a cruise
·      Become an established blogger (1000 followers +)
·      Fly first class
·      Have an article published
·      Appear in a glossy magazine
·      Share my story
·      Go Glamping
·      Holiday in the Maldives
·      Go to Felixstowe
·      Go to Helmsley
·      ·      Go to Kew Gardens


  1. This is a great bucket list! The Maldives, Tokyo, Iceland, Hong Kong, California are on my list of places to visit! I'd also love to see the Northern lights!

    1. Thank you Serena I really must start working on actually doing some of these things on my list now! xx