Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Elemis Skincare Buys

My usual skincare routine generally consists mostly of fairly cheap, drugstore products, and to be honest, for every day, I’m pretty happy with what I use. But sometimes it’s nice to splash out a little bit and have some more expensive products that you can treat yourself to. A while back now, I went to Champneys Forest Mere (one of my favourite places for total relaxation!) for a day of rest, relaxation and indulgent spa treatments, with a good friend before her wedding. As well as enjoying the use of the pool, hot tub, relaxation rooms and a cheeky treatment or two, we were also able to take part in a session with an Elemis therapist. She was absolutely brilliant, and led us through a skincare routine using different Elemis products, so we could try them out for ourselves and see what we thought. She also offered plenty of advice on the types of products that would suit us individually and answered any questions we had on any other products that took our fancy.

I had never had much opportunity to try any Elemis products before, so I really enjoyed being taught how to use different items and experiencing how they felt on my skin. I loved trying them out so much that, at the end of the session, I decided I wanted to treat myself to a couple of things. Something that we had used in the demonstration that I particularly loved was the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, which exfoliates and purifies tired, lacklustre skin. It is non-abrasive and leaves skin feeling soft, revitalised and radiant. Natural fruit enzymes of exfoliating Papaya and calming Pineapple smooth and clarify the complexion. The rinse-off cream also contains nourishing Milk Protein, anti-oxidant rich Vitamin E and Marine Algae to moisturise, repair and protect skin. 

This peel smells incredible and feels so smooth on your skin. It feels like a real treat when you use it – after applying to your face, you are meant to leave it for 10-15 minutes and then remove with lukewarm water, so you really feel like you’re giving your skin an indulgent spa treatment. I can often find that harsh exfoliators leave my skin feeling red and sensitive, but this peel felt gentle, leaving my skin glowing and radiant afterwards. 

The other product I wanted to buy was body oil. Originally, I really liked the idea of the Frangipani Monoi Body Oil because it smells incredible! But after talking to the Elemis therapist about the kinds of things I wanted to use it for, she suggested trying the Musclease Active Body Oil instead. It combines the richness of the sea with the power of aroma and with a powerful synergy of Maritime Pine, Sea Buckthorn, Sea Fennel extracts and Rosemary Essential Oil, it can be used to help ease muscle pain and stressed joints.

I must admit, it doesn’t smell the best (especially compared to the Frangipani!) but it really does seem to help with my aching muscles and joints. I get a lot of body pain from having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and although it’s not going to get rid of that pain, I think the act of moisturising it into my back, legs and shoulders really helps ease some of the tension associated with chronic pain. Now all I need is for someone else to do the massaging for me!

At the time I bought these products, the Elemis section in the spa were running an offer whereby you would receive a bag full of goodies if you bought two Elemis products. Not one to pass up on some freebies, I, of course, jumped at the chance to receive my free gift. It came presented in a gorgeous silver make-up bag with turquoise edging, which I am more than happy to use for make-up and toiletries when I go away. 

Inside were four Elemis miniatures – Rehydrating Ginseng Toner, Skin Nourishing Shower Cream, Dynamic Resurfacing Serum and Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash. I’m a sucker for a miniature product and think it’s a nice way to try out products for a while before you decide if you’re going to buy a full-size one.

The toner feels light and cooling on your skin and doesn’t feel harsh like some toners can. I love how refreshed my skin feels after I’ve used this product and as someone who can get slightly dry skin in places, this really seems to help add hydration.

The shower cream definitely feels like an extravagant treat for me, as I’m so used to using a £1.99 bottle of shower gel from Superdrug or Boots! But this Elemis one feels luxurious and moisturising, with a gentle comforting scent that I think is perfect for an evening shower before bed. Looking at other reviews of this, it seems it is really good for those with dry skin conditions, so I might have to recommend it to my sister to try.

Moving on to the serum, I’ll start by saying that this is something that would ordinarily be way out of my price range (at £88 for a bottle), so it was nice to have the opportunity to just give it a try. The serum feels light and fresh and absorbs quickly into the skin. You don’t need much per application, as a little will go a long way, which I guess will help the product to last a bit longer and give you better value for money. From the small amount I’ve used so far, it does seem to improve to look of my skin and has helped it feel smoother and brighter. Unfortunately I just couldn’t stretch to rebuying this particular product to continue trying it though.

The last product in the bag was the facial wash, which is currently on offer on the Elemis website. It’s a nice gentle cleanser, which feels luxurious to use. And like with the other Elemis products, it definitely seems to make my skin feel nourished and bright without being too harsh or drying. Again, it’s probably more than I would usually spend on a cleanser, but as a treat now and again it’s definitely something I would go back to.

So that’s all of the products I bought from Elemis when I went to Champneys. If you ever get the chance to take part in some sort of master class or session with an Elemis therapist (even if it’s just on one of their counters) I would definitely recommend it because I learnt so much and found some great new products to try out on my skin. I’m really enjoying using all of the products I came away with and Elemis is certainly a brand I will go back to if I’m ever looking for a bit of a treat for myself.

Are you a fan of Elemis products? Which ones would you recommend trying?

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