Friday, 3 August 2018

Brin d'Arômes Shaped Tea Bags*

There really is nothing better than a cup of tea, or so I thought before I discovered that shaped tea bags were actually a thing! As most of you probably already know, I’m a little bit (OK, a lot!) addicted to tea. I post about my tea of the day on my Instagram Stories fairly regularly and have a ridiculously large collection of every type of tea you could possibly think of. So when Jacqueline from Brin d’Arômes contacted me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing some of their teas, I, of course, jumped at the chance to try yet more tea! Jacqueline gave me free reign on the website to choose three different shaped tea bags with three different types of tea inside – believe me, choosing wasn’t easy, as they have a lot of cute shapes and different flavours to decide between! 

I’d never heard of the website before receiving Jacqueline’s e-mail, and had no idea what Brin d’Arômes even meant! But apparently it translates as a “Dash of Aromas” in French, which seems to suit the whole concept perfectly, as the teas that I received smelt amazing. Jacqueline says that as far back as she can remember she has always been captivated by aromas and colours. She loves creating things that make everyone smile and feel happy, and wanted to share her passion to enjoy the little things in life and take some time for ourselves. I think it’s a great message to put out there, especially with how busy we all seem to be these days. Sometimes we do just need to give ourselves five minutes of ‘me’ time, and I know for me, sitting down with a cuppa helps me relax and recharge. 

As I said, I was able to choose three different shaped tea bags with three different flavours of tea. The first shape I went for was probably a bit predictable given the name of my blog – a cat with pink stitching! There were lots of teas to choose from, but I decided to try Cherry Blossom Almond Tea for these tea bags. The actual tea bags are so cute and keep their shape really well once you start filling up your cup with water. You can also get the cat shape with blue stitching if you don’t fancy pink, but as a pink lover these were perfect for me. The Cherry Blossom Almond Tea has a very delicate floral/fruity scent and flavour – perfect for the warmer weather when you want something lighter than your standard English Breakfast. 

The next shape I chose was the cloud - I love the fact that on the string of each tea bag is a little cloud label too. It’s these finishing touches that make the tea bags so special. For my cloud tea bags I chose a Passion Fruit tea (can you tell I’m a big fan of fruity teas?!) I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried a lot of teas where they smell absolutely delicious as you’re brewing them, but when it comes to tasting them, they have absolutely no flavour. Thankfully these teas didn’t disappoint when it came to flavour. They tasted just as good as they smelt – the passion fruit really came through and again, was perfect for a slightly cooler evening during this summer heat wave. 

Despite there being a lot of unique shapes to choose from, for my last set of tea bags I decided to go for a traditional heart shape. Again, they were beautifully cut and stitched, and looked brilliant floating in the boiling water as I poured it from the kettle into my cup. I went for, you guessed it, another fruity flavour in my heart tea bags – this time it was Berry White Tea. The scent of strawberries and raspberries hits you as soon as you open the packet, and soon my whole kitchen smelt of delicious summer fruits. And, like the others, the tea tasted as good as it smelt – with the sweetness of strawberries and the slight tartness of raspberries really coming through. 

If these shapes don’t float your boat, you can also choose from a unicorn, sea turtle, star, flower, cupcake, candy, fox or moon, so there should be something to suit what you’re looking for. I can imagine these being really great for an afternoon tea party, especially if you’re organising one with a particular theme. I mean, just imagine, a unicorn themed tea party with actual unicorn tea bags! There’s also plenty of different teas to choose from including traditional options like Black Tea, Earl Grey and English Breakfast, and more unusual alternatives such as Chocolate Black Tea, Peach and Rose and Cinnamon Vanilla and Orange Almond Tea. 

Each tea bag is designed and produced by hand in France, where they strive to mainly use natural ingredients. A pack of five tea bags ranges in price from £6.86 to £7.05 for limited edition shapes. Or, if you need to really stock up, you can buy a box of 50 for £69. They also offer the cutest handcrafted sugar cubes, which include hearts, roses, cats and owls – they’re almost too adorable to eat! Brin d’Arômes’ motto is to “Add a dash of sweetness and happiness in your life,” and after trying some of their tea bags I can definitely vouch for the fact they do just that!

Are you a tea addict like me?! What do you think of these shaped tea bags?

*I was kindly gifted these tea bags by Brin d’Arômes, but, as always, all views are entirely my own (and the teas were really yummy!)


  1. These are the cutest tea bags ever (never thought I'd say something like that)! That's such a fun gift idea for tea drinkers!

    1. Hehe they really are aren't they! I didn't even know shaped tea bags were a thing until I found these! xx