Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunday Snippets - 9th April 2017

It’s been such a beautiful week weather wise – I’m really starting to feel like summer is on its way! I’ve been gradually recovering from my operation and am finally feeling a bit more like my normal self. I still have some numbness in my right hand and arm, but thankfully it is improving, which is a good sign. I’ve just been trying to enjoy the sunshine where I can, whilst cracking on with university work and medical appointments.

Last Sunday I got up fairly late and sorted out my medication for the week ahead. I spent my morning writing a double Sunday Snippets post for my blog, as I wasn’t able to do one the week before. It was tough typing with my numb hand – it took ages and really wore me out, but I was glad to get it done. I rested for a while and then did some work towards an article I’ve got to write for Uni, followed by some Law reading. Richard, Lisa, David and Emma came over and we watched David open his birthday presents and do his cake. We then all went over to The New Inn for dinner. The sunset was really beautiful. Unfortunately, I had a really bad headache and my numbness was getting worse, which seems to happen as I get more tired.

My Dad drove me over to Uni on Monday morning. We started by looking at examples of some April Fools’ news reports. Then we split into groups to do our own stories. My group decided to do a made up story about a meerkat called Alexander who had escaped from the zoo and caught the bus over to Farnham (don’t ask!) We went into Farnham with a picture of a meerkat to do our filming. It was so sunny and looked beautiful when we went down to Gostrey Meadow. Our afternoon was spent recording a voiceover and editing together our package. We finished an hour early, which was good because I was shattered! So my Dad brought me home and I crashed out for a bit.

My Mum took me over to Uni mid-morning on Tuesday, and I had a tutorial with my lecturer. We went through what I’ve done for my article so far and he gave me some advice on what I need to do next. I then met up with my mentor, as I couldn’t see her on Friday like I usually do. My Mum came to meet me and we went into Farnham for a spot of lunch at a new place called Gail’s. I decided to go for their French toast (completely off my medical diet plan, but sometimes you’ve just got to go for it and put up with the bad effects afterwards). It tasted amazing, but as expected, I was in pain and ill all afternoon. I really hate having a digestive system that doesn’t work properly. As I wasn’t feeling well when we got home, I curled up on the sofa and ended up falling asleep for most of the afternoon. It wasn’t what I’d planned, but at least it gave me a break from being ill. When I woke up I managed to catch up with some blog emails on my laptop.

I was up reasonably early on Wednesday morning so I could have my reflexology session. I was so close to falling asleep during it (which I’m sure is a good thing!) I rested for a while afterwards and updated my calendar so I don’t miss anything important. I spent most of the rest of the day curled up on the sofa doing reading and revision for my Law exam. It was lovely and sunny out of the window, but too chilly to sit outside unfortunately. I had a few breaks to watch some things I’d recorded on TV. But I got to the point where I physically couldn’t read any more and was losing the will to live! So I popped down to Waitrose with my Mum – mainly so I could get out of the house, but I also needed to pick up some Easter cards.

I got up super early on Thursday morning and made myself a MOMA porridge pot to eat in the car. My Mum drove me over to Frimley Park Hospital and I saw my physio. I talked to her about the numbness from my surgery and then she did some acupuncture. We popped into Richard and Lisa’s on the way home to see how they were getting on with packing up the moving van. I rested for a while and then wrote my Easter cards. In the afternoon I spent some time going through past exam papers in preparation for my exam. I also caught up on my Uni emails. My Mum and I went down to Waitrose and then went round to Richard and Lisa’s new house. We raised a glass of prosecco and all had Dominos for dinner. I had an awful tummy ache though, so came home and tried to get an early night.

I had a bit of a lie-in on Friday and spent the morning just chilling out and watching TV. My Dad drove me over to Uni and I sat out in the sunshine with my friends Ife, Tazmyn and Shanae for a bit. My support worker then took me up to my exam room, which I was sharing with one other person, as we both had extra time and were using laptops. The next few hours were taken up with my Law exam. I think it went alright, although some of the questions seemed to be a bit repetitive. I used pretty much all my time and my right hand (the numb one) was pretty dead by the end. I also had a bad headache, but was glad to have the exam out of the way. My Dad brought me home and I went out into the garden to see Benjie and Beatrix, who we were looking after for Richard and Lisa. Benjie is so chilled out and loves to be held like a baby!

On Saturday I had a nice lie-in, then was feeling quite productive so decided to do some tidying and sorting in my bedroom. My Mum and I popped down to Waitrose to get a few supplies for while her and my Dad are away in Malta. David and Emma were at home when we got back, so I chatted to them for a while. I then went for another little adventure in my electric wheelchair with my Dad and the dogs. We just went down the road and round the estate a bit, but it was lovely to be out in the sun. We called in on a family friend who had this beautiful display of tulips in his front garden. I was pretty exhausted by the time we got home, so crashed out on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon.

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  1. This looks like the cutest Sunday ever! Gemma xx