Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sunday Snippets - 23rd April 2017

The last week has been pretty hard to be honest. I’ve continued to get more unwell with this virus/infection and have struggled to do even the little things. I have a lot of university work to do, with deadlines fast approaching, so have been getting a bit stressed out because I haven’t been well enough to do as much as I would have liked. And I’m also feeling a bit down about my blog and YouTube channel at the moment. I have so many ideas of content I would like to create, but being more unwell has meant I’ve just had to get out little bits here and there, which isn’t what I want to do. I’m just hoping I can start feeling better soon, get my university work sorted and can then spend some more time and energy on my blog and YouTube videos. I hope you will all understand and can put up with me while I try and get myself sorted out!

Last Sunday I felt really poorly when I woke up, but decided to go to church with my Mum, Dad and Bekkah. We met Richard and Lisa there – it was a lovely service and the music was really good, but I felt really unwell by the end. When we got back I sorted out my medication for the week ahead, and then wrote and uploaded my Sunday blog post. In the afternoon I filmed myself opening a bit of post including this awesome Secret Spring Santa parcel from a swap I did. How cute is the Nutmeg and Arlo otter card! I then watched Despicable Me 2 and did some bits on my laptop for the local mental health group that I run. In the evening I started feeling really sick. I feel sick most of the time, but that evening it got really bad.

I’m loving the fact it’s tulip season. They are one of my favourite flowers – they’re just so happy!

I won Bryony Gordon’s book ‘Mad Girl’ in a Twitter competition and am so excited to read it!

Sunday night was pretty awful – I felt so sick and kept retching, was clamming and my heart was racing. I kept waking up feeling like the room was spinning. The joys of having gastroparesis! I felt a bit less sick when I woke up on Monday, but still not great. I decided to go to Redfields Garden Centre with my Mum, which was possibly not the best move, but I did buy some pots that I can plant some seeds in. I rested when I got home because I felt awful. These two were sitting on the other sofa – they pretend not to like each other, but secretly love each other! I watched a bit of TV and did some Uni work. I then started writing a packing list for when I go to Stanmore. In the evening my Mum, Dad, David, Rosiie, Callum and I went round to Richard and Lisa’s for drinks and nibbles, which was really nice. I was feeling really unwell after a while, so we came home. I also seemed to be losing my voice.

I curled up on the sofa on Tuesday morning feeling pretty ill, watched TV and ordered some cards for May. I also dozed a bit because I felt shattered. At around lunchtime, my Dad drove me over to Farnham Road Hospital in Guildford for my Psychotherapy assessment. I spent an hour and a half with the lady, which was really difficult for someone with no voice! We somehow managed to go through a lot of my past history and also how I’m feeling now, which was pretty tough going. I’ve got to go back in a couple of weeks to continue with the assessment. When we got home I went in the garden for a few minutes to look at some of our flowers. Our little crabapple tress is blossoming and it looks so pretty. A man came to fix a couple of problems with my electric wheelchair, so fingers crossed it will now be a bit easier to use. I had absolutely no voice by the end of the day, which hasn’t happened since I was at secondary school. I was also finding it really hard to breathe.

I felt pretty fed up on Wednesday to be honest. I woke up still feeling really unwell and still didn’t have any voice, which was incredibly frustrating (especially when you’re a chatterbox like me!) I spent most of the morning watching This Morning and then falling asleep on the sofa. It wasn’t what I had planned, as I have so much Uni work to do. In the afternoon I was meant to be going to visit my friend Vikki, who set up Postpals but I just wasn’t well enough so had to cancel. I was then going to go to Pets at Home with my Mum, but decided it was going to be too much. So I spent some time doing a bit of Uni work, but not as much as I needed to do. My Mum did take me down to Waitrose so I could get a couple of bits for when my friend came round the following day, but it completely wiped me out. The best part of the day was opening this letter from my friend Suzie – I love the Disney TsumTsum stickers she used on it!

This postcard definitely describes how I’ve felt this week! Sass and Belle have got it spot on!

I got up later than I’d planned on Thursday and felt pretty terrible. Bekkah helped me to set up a little Easter Egg hunt in the garden, and then my friend Charlie arrived with her children, Izzi and Joe. We went straight out in the back garden and Izzi and Joe went searching for eggs, which they seemed to enjoy. It started to rain just as we were finishing, so that was lucky! We all came inside and Charlie presented me with a huge pile of these Haribo Rhubarb and Custard Splats because I haven’t been able to find any anywhere recently, and a Disney TsumTsum from their trip to Disneyland Paris to add to my collection, which was so sweet of her. We did some arts and crafts with the children and then had an indoor picnic for lunch. In the afternoon we chilled out and watched Tangled – definitely one of my favourites. Charlie, Izzi and Joe left at about 3pm and unfortunately I was feeling pretty poorly with a terrible headache. So I curled up on the sofa, watched a bit of TV and then fell asleep for a few hours. Since having this infection my taste seems to have completely disappeared and I’ve been feeling so sick. I kept my fingers crossed on Thursday night that my GP would be able to work out what was wrong and give me something to make it better when I saw her the next day.

I had an awful night on Thursday night, with really strange dreams, sweats and dizziness. I had to get up quite early on Friday and managed to get downstairs, but kept feeling like I was going to faint so ended up wrapped round the loo. Eventually I managed to get a bit of porridge down me, which seemed to help a bit. My Mum took me down to see my GP – my chest sounded clear but she was concerned that I’ve been ill for so long (this has been going on since February) and have such a nasty cough, so she prescribed antibiotics in the hope they will help. I came home and dozed on the sofa for a while. My friend Katrina came over – we were meant to be going out for brunch but I didn’t feel well enough, so we stayed at mine and chatted (as much as we could with me having no voice!) We also booked a mini hen do, as I’m not able to go to her proper one. After Katrina had gone, I had a bit of lunch and watched TV. I managed to do a bit of Uni work and dozed a bit – I haven’t been able to stay awake for very long recently. I was struggling a lot with nausea and have been finding eating even more difficult that usual, so have been trying to sip one of these Innocent smoothies to try and get some vitamins inside me.

I had a better night on Friday night and managed to have a lie-in on Saturday morning as well, which I definitely needed. I took things pretty slowly when I got up, just watching The Simpsons and Come Dine With Me. I then fell asleep on the sofa for quite a while. In the afternoon I did some work on my dissertation proposal, but kept falling asleep. I popped down to the chemist with my Mum to speak to the pharmacist about getting some cough medicine, so I’m hoping it might help a bit. The lovely people at Tea Tourist sent me another one of their awesome boxes to try. It seriously brightened my day, especially considering I’m living on tea at the moment to try and soothe my poorly throat.

You can check out my YouTube channel here, where I have recently uploaded a few new videos (and hope to continue doing!)

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What have you been up to this week? I always enjoy hearing about your news and adventures!

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