Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sunday Snippets - 5th March 2017

If you’ve read my last few Sunday Snippets posts, you’ll know I’ve been struggling with a nasty virus for the last few weeks. So, this week, I decided to finally give in and take some time off university. I’m rubbish at listening to my body and giving myself time to get better, but it had got to the point where I realised if I kept going, I was just going to get more ill. Taking a couple of days off definitely helped, and I’m gradually starting to feel better (although I’ve woken up today with a really sore throat, so I’m keeping everything crossed it doesn’t mean I’m going downhill again!)

I got up fairly late last Sunday morning and after I’d had my breakfast, I sorted out my medication for the week ahead. I felt absolutely awful – my breathing was really bad and I felt like I was going to collapse. For the rest of the morning I watched The Simpsons and wrote and uploaded a blog post. After I’d had my Fortisip, I imported some photos off my camera, edited them and sent them off to go with an article I’d written. I was still feeling quite wiped out, so rested on the sofa and read through my essay to make sure it was OK to submit. 101 Dalmatians came on the TV, so I watched that, opened some post and dozed a bit. We had some family friends over for dinner, which was nice, as we hadn’t seen them for a while. Once we’d finished, Freddie sat on Rosiie’s lap, rested his head on the table and dozed off. It was on Sunday evening that I decided to take a couple of days off Uni.

I had a bit of a lie in on Monday morning, which was just what I needed. I spent the morning editing my January Happiness Project video and uploading it to my YouTube channel. I had hoped to do the blog post as well, but I ran out of time. I rested on the sofa for a bit and did some Law reading for Uni. I needed to get out of the house, so my Dad took me over to the wheelchair place, as I needed to find a different chair to the one we originally looked at. The sales person was just leaving but pointed out a chair that might be suitable. He asked us if we could go back on Wednesday for a proper chat. When I got home I wrote my cards for March and did some more reading. I wore this new jumper from New Look, which made me feel nice. I actually felt like I’d made a bit of an effort, without having to put any extra energy in.

As I’d decided to take Tuesday off Uni, I had another lie in to try and catch up on some more sleep. I woke up feeling pretty rubbish, but wanted to be productive so put some make-up on and filmed a video for my YouTube channel. I then took a few photos of something I’ve been sent to review on my blog and gave my room a quick blitz with the handheld hoover. It completely wiped me out (but desperately needed doing) so I collapsed on the sofa, had my Fortisip and watched The Coroner. My friend, Sarah, was heading home, so my Mum and I popped over the road to look after baby Charlie while she packed the car. He was being so cute pulling funny faces at me and I managed to get a few smiles. My Mum then took me down to the chemist so I could speak to the pharmacist, and she recommended a different cough medicine. When I got home I wrote a couple of penpal letters and rested on the sofa. In the evening, we had pancakes, which I normally really love, but I felt so sick, it made it impossible to enjoy them.

I had counseling first thing on Wednesday morning. The last couple of weeks have been pretty crap, so it was good to have someone to talk things through with. My Dad picked me up and we went over to the wheelchair place to have a chat with the salesman about a different chair. I put a deposit on a second-hand Pride Fusion, which is rather exciting! When we got home all I wanted to do was sleep, but instead I edited and uploaded the video I filmed on Tuesday to my YouTube channel. It’s quite an important one for Eating Disorder Awareness Week, so if you’d like to hear about my eating disorder story, you can check it out here. In the afternoon I caught up on The Moorside, which I’d recorded, and did some Uni work on my laptop. I had this little fellow keeping me company, although he was more concerned about the cat he could see out of the window! I felt really strange all day – my whole body felt weak, I was struggling to move my arms and legs properly and was finding breathing really difficult. I get this quite a lot, but it doesn’t get any easier to deal with.

Thursday started quite early with a trip to the Doctors for a blood test. Somehow they managed to get it first time, which is unheard of for me! But for some reason I felt really faint, so when I got home I lay on the sofa and fell asleep. I didn’t feel brilliant when my Mum woke me up, but I had an appointment at the hairdressers, so my Mum took me down there. They gave me a cup of tea and I felt a little better after that. It was nice to just spend a bit of time reading a magazine and being pampered. I rested when I got home and watched a bit of TV. My Dad and I then went over to the Peugeot dealership and I had a test-drive of the 2008 SUV. It was quite nice, but felt a bit different, as it was a semi-automatic. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some Law reading and watching Death in Paradise. My New Look order arrived, which included this awesome cat t-shirt!

I decided to give university a try on Friday, as I didn’t want to miss too much and we do some pretty important stuff on Fridays. Our morning lecture was about research methods for our dissertation, specifically surveys. I just can’t get my head around this whole dissertation thing at the moment. At lunchtime I met up with my mentor for 15 minutes and then caught up on a few blog emails. In the afternoon we had our Law lecture and oh my goodness, my brain felt completely fried by the end of it! We were talking about being self-employed and how your sort out everything like tax, VAT, insurance, pensions etc. It all seems to complicated, but I need to start understanding it if I do go into freelance work. When I got home I fell asleep for quite a while. I then opened a few letters that had come in the post, including one from Victoria, who writes over at Lily loves Lola, with this adorable pug stamp!

I had a bit of a lie in on Saturday morning, then my Dad and I went over to the Ford dealership to look at a couple more cars. We looked at the B-Max and the EcoSport, and I had a test-drive in the EcoSport. It was a really nice drive and the boot opening is pretty big so will fit my wheelchair and the hoist. So I bought it! Well, technically I’m getting it on the Motability scheme, but we did all the paperwork and sorted it all out, which is very exciting. This isn’t the colour I’ve gone for – I’ll leave that as a surprise for you! I’m not going to get it until June time, but it’s something to look forward to and I’m happy to have it sorted. By the time we got home I was exhausted, so I had my lunch and then fell asleep on the sofa for a while. I had the most painful acid reflux/pain all day. Every time I breathed in it got worse and it felt like someone was stabbing me inside. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching YouTube videos and writing a blog post.

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What have you been up to this week? I always enjoy hearing about your news and adventures!

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