Sunday, 18 December 2016

Sunday Snippets - 18th December 2016

The past week has been a tough one. Last week at Uni is always a bit stressful, but alongside our deadlines we also had a news week, which my poor body just couldn’t keep up with. But now I’ve got three weeks off, which I’m sure will fly by! I’m nowhere near ready for Christmas though, so goodness knows when people will be getting their cards and presents. I’m just trying not to stress about it too much, as I’m hoping people will understand and know I’m thinking of them.

It was our church’s Christingle service last Sunday morning, so my Mum took me along, which was nice. I always feel like Christmas has started once I’ve been to it and I love the magical atmosphere when all the candles are lit. I came home and sorted my medication for the week ahead. Then my Mum drove me over to my lovely friend Charlie’s for a Christmassy afternoon with her and her two children, Izzi and Joe. We had some snacks and watched Elf first, then played a game and did some Christmas crafts with Izzi and Joe. We ended our afternoon by chilling out and watching The Polar Express, before my Dad picked me up and brought me home. I was given this cute card and presents when Charlie and I exchanged gifts. They’re the first presents under my tree (or they would be, if I had a tree!)

I was up early on Monday for the start of a busy week at Uni. We had a news week, so had to be in every day, which was going to be a massive challenge, especially when I was already running on empty. I worked with Amber on a story about the cost of Christmas food and the fact you can often get the same products, from the same suppliers as high-end supermarkets, in shops like Aldi and Lidl. We did some research, and then went into Farnham to do some filming. We also compared the cost of a basket of Christmas foods in two different supermarkets. Back at Uni, our group all swapped Secret Santa presents. I got a bath set and some gel pens, which I look forward to using. I had to leave early, so my Dad picked me up and brought me home. My Mum then took me to see my GP. I’ve been feeling really dizzy a lot of the time, so she gave me some tablets to see if they help. We also talked through a few other things – I have to continue on a high dose of iron and have to go for blood tests next week to check some other levels. When I got home I opened some post, which included a Christmas card from my closest friend, Sarah, and a gorgeous photo of her little boy, Charlie.

It was another early start for Uni on Tuesday morning, which I anticipated was going to get harder as the week went on. Our programme was Christmas themed, so we all had to do a story/feature around Christmas. I worked with Ife and Tazmyn on a Christmas gift guide to suit any budget. So we spent quite a bit of time looking round the shops for inspiration and managed to find a good amount of gifts for each budget. I also picked up a flamingo diary for myself from WHSmith and couldn’t resist these Yankee Candles that were reduced in Clintons. We spent the afternoon editing our footage into a package and writing a piece to go online. I was so pleased to get home because, although I enjoyed the day, I was so exhausted and was finding it hard with the constant dizziness.

I was back at Uni on Wednesday for another news day, although it was just a planning day so we didn’t have a programme at the end. I was assigned the role of editor for Friday’s radio programme and we decided to make it a 2016 round up. So I spent the day sending out loads of emails to try and get local guests for Friday’s show. I really wasn’t feeling too well though and just found the whole day a bit too much to be honest. Plus, being stuck in a room with no windows or natural light wasn’t much fun and really got me down. By the time my Dad picked me up I was really struggling, so when I got home I just dozed on the sofa for a while. I finally got round to opening my Crown and Glory Glitterati box for December. It’s got some really cute items in this month and really cheered me up.

I decided not to go into university on Thursday. I was completely exhausted, didn’t feel very well and was really struggling with this dizziness, so I thought a day off was probably the best thing. I hate letting other people down, but I knew I needed to put my health first. I had an appointment with my Dietician first thing. I hadn’t seen her for a while, so we talked through how much I’m struggling and she gave me a few advice sheets to try and help. There’s not really much more she can do for me, so I was discharged but can get another appointment through my GP if I need it. My Dad brought me home and I did some work to one of my Uni articles, before falling asleep on the sofa for quite a while. My Mum woke me up around lunchtime, and I finished the last of my Uni work that needs to be in before Christmas, which was such a big relief. I had quite a chilled out afternoon watching a bit of TV and finally writing some of my Christmas cards. These are a few Christmassy pieces I’ve accumulated so far this year. A couple were in my alternative advent calendar that my Mum kindly does for me, and the other mug is something I picked up from Waitrose in a 3 for 2 deal when I bought a couple of gifts.

It was our last day at Uni on Friday and I was editor, which I was a bit nervous about. Unfortunately, pretty much everything that could go wrong went wrong! The radio software wasn’t working, so we had to find a way to work around that. Our lecturer also needed to be in about three places at once, so I kept having panics every time I needed some advice and he wasn’t there. We were meant to have a bulletin at 12noon, but no stories were ready, so we moved it back to 1pm. But we didn’t have many stories then and a few had to be dropped; however we managed to get a bulletin out. Our next show was at 3pm. We had a lot of guests come in that I’d organised for a series of discussions, which went really well. It was a massive relief! Afterwards, we had all brought some food in so we listened to Christmas songs and had a bit of a party. It was a lovely end to a really difficult term. When I got home I found that my Mum had put my Christmas bedding from ASDA on my bed. This is the first year I’ve had Christmassy bedding and I love it! Now I just need to replace all my cushions with festive ones, as I’ve had to take them off because they don’t go.

The December Birchbox is full of lovely products and I love the style of the box this time!

I had a much-needed lie-in on Saturday morning, which was so good! Once I’d got myself up, dressed and put on a bit of make-up, I made a YouTube video with my sister, Bekkah, and her friend, Keshy. We made this gingerbread house and, although it’s a little rustic, I was pretty happy with how it turned out. Keep an eye on my YouTube channel, as hopefully the video will be up soon. In the afternoon I watched Arthur Christmas and wrote some more of my Christmas cards. There was an outdoor Nativity in my town in the afternoon, which I had hoped to go to, but I just felt so exhausted and still have lots of Christmas planning to do, so I decided to chill out at home instead.

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What have you been up to this week? I always enjoy hearing about your news and adventures!
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