Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sunday Snippets - 20th November 2016

This week has been pretty full on, and I seem to have been struck down with the dreaded winter lurgy. I’m starting to get quite stressed out about all the Uni work I need to get done and the fact my health seems to have other ideas and is forcing me to rest more. I know I can apply for an extension without too much difficulty, but I’d prefer to get things done on time so I don’t start running even more behind with things. But if things carry on as they are, I may have to admit defeat.

I had a lovely lie-in last Sunday, which was very much needed! After sorting out my medications for the week ahead, I was going to get on with some work but got distracted by Beanie Babies! My Mum and I were sorting bags of cuddly toys out on Saturday, so on Sunday morning we sorted out loads of the Beanies. Some are going on eBay and others I think we will bulk sell. It took up a lot more of my time than I’d planned, but it was a job that needed doing. Over lunch I watched The Simpsons and wrote and uploaded a blog post. In the afternoon I needed to do Uni work, so wanted to put something on the TV that wouldn’t distract me too much. I found that The Smurfs movie was on, so I had that in the background and spent the afternoon planning my essay. I also caught up on my Uni emails, so felt a tiny bit more on top of things.

I had an early start on Monday morning – my Dad and I had to catch a train to Guildford, as I had another Crown Court visit. It was a hard and draining morning with a difficult case, so afterwards we treated ourselves to a Costa Coffee. I had a soya Black Forest hot chocolate – they’ve changed it a bit thought and it’s not as good, although I do love the cherry on top. On our way home my face came up in a bright red, blotchy rash, I started itching and felt really sick and faint. I think it was another Mast Cell reaction. I rested for a while when we got home, and then my Mum took me to an appointment with my GP. I was her last appointment of the day, which is always useful as a double appointment is never long enough, so we could go over everything properly. She’s going to chase up a few different doctors and look into a couple of other things. Some test results I had for my POTS have come back suggesting my kidneys many not be working properly, so that needs to be looked into. I also chatted to her about how much I’m struggling with my mental health, and she’s going to chase the psychiatrist who gave me a second opinion to find out when I’m going to get some support. I seriously don’t know what I would do without my GP. It’s so good to have someone that takes a real interest in my conditions and who I can speak to about anything.

This month’s Crown and Glory Glitterati box is so pretty. They’re doing another Instagram challenge, but this time is a weekly one, so I’m hoping to join in with it. Week One is Unboxing, as you can see in this photo.

I was running late for Uni on Tuesday morning because I overslept, and then traffic was bad which didn’t help. Somehow I managed to get there bang on time though – perhaps I should run late more often! We started by going through feedback for our Newsweek last week, which was helpful. We then had to re-edit a package, using the feedback we’d received to improve it. I worked on my glass figures one again and was happy to get good feedback on my second attempt. At lunch time my friend and I sorted out a Secret Santa, which I’m really excited to buy for. We’re hopefully going to go for a coffee before the end of term and swap gifts, which should be nice. In the afternoon we chatted about next week’s news day and what the plans are for it. We finished early, so I spent some time on my laptop catching up on messages. When I got home I started planning a blog post – the best things about autumn. I was so tired though and was really struggling with my pain levels.

I had counselling on Wednesday morning, although only just got there after oversleeping (yet again – this is getting ridiculous!) My Dad picked me up and drove me over to Aldershot for my appointment with my Pain Consultant. It turns out the injections I had in my back were meant to be the ones done in my abdomen, which is frustrating. He’s booking me in to have an occipital nerve block again, as it seems to have helped a bit but the pain is getting worse again now. He was also concerned about how I’m coping mentally. But with regard to pain relief in general he said we’re reaching a point where there’s nothing more he can do. I’ve heard that phrase so many times, but it never gets any easier. He said we’d see how the abdomen injections and Stanmore go, then see where we go from there. When we got home I fell asleep on the sofa for a couple of hours, as I just felt exhausted. I watched a bit of TV and had my Fortisip, then had to go down to the Doctors for an ECG. The nurse also checked my blood pressure lying and standing, with both being on the low side. I’m hoping to increase my Midodrine now that I’ve had it done to see if it helps my POTS at all. I spent the rest of the afternoon making a start on my Uni essay. My best friend, Sarah, sent me this adorable photo of baby Charlie at his sensory group. It really made me smile after a pretty crappy day.

I didn’t have to be up quite so early on Thursday morning, which was nice. My Dad drove me over to Frimley Park, where I had an appointment with a new physio. I’m having more problems with my jaw clicking, crunching, dislocating and just general pain. She took my medical history and examined me, then came up with a couple of exercises to try and strengthen the muscles. I’ve got to go back in a couple of weeks, as she said she might try some massage and laser treatment. I came home and watched a bit of TV. I then did a bit of Uni work (although spent most of my time trying to research something that I couldn’t find!) In the afternoon I had a reflexology session, which was really relaxing. After my session my Mum took me down to the Doctors so I could make an appointment, then we popped into Waitrose and I picked up their winter magazine. The evening was pretty awful unfortunately, as I was really low and tearful. It just gets so overwhelming being unwell and in pain all the time.

I woke up feeling pretty unwell on Friday morning – definitely coming down with something. My Dad drove me over to Uni. It was absolutely freezing! Our morning lecture was theory based, which I always find a struggle to concentrate on. I also had to have a quick meeting with my course leader during the break. At lunch, I met up with my mentor and we talked through my to do list of things I need to get done before we break up for Christmas (there’s a lot!) In the afternoon we had our Law lecture, which was really interesting but pretty hard going, as we were discussing assisted suicide for a lot of the time. When I got home my Mum took me down to the Doctors, as I’d had a voicemail from them. Turns out there was an issue with the ECG I had earlier in the week, so they want to monitor me a bit more closely. We popped to Boots so I could get some throat medicine, then I came home and opened this signed copy of Zoella’s new book, which I’m excited to read.

I had a long lie-in on Saturday morning and woke up feeling pretty ill. It looks like I’ve caught a winter cold bug that’s been going round. It took me quite a long time to get myself up and dressed, but then I managed to edit a video for my YouTube channel. I also sorted out some paperwork that had been cluttering my desk, which was a good job done. After lunch I took a few photos for a blog post, then crashed out on the sofa. I probably should have been doing Uni work, but I’m trying to do this whole self-care thing (especially while I’m more unwell) and let myself rest. I kept myself going with Soothers, tea and painkillers. I did manage to write a few penpal letters whilst watching old Miranda Christmas episodes though. I’m starting to feel a bit Christmassy, but stressing out about Uni work is making it hard to really get into it.

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  1. I really enjoy reading your Sunday posts and I should comment more often. Hope you are feeling a little better x

    1. Ah thank you so much Angela :) I really appreciate your comment xx