Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sunday Snippets - 13th November 2016

It’s been a really hard week, as I’ve been at Uni every day for a news week. Being in Monday to Friday is hard enough, but news days are also very busy and stressful, so that makes it even harder. But I did it, and that’s the main thing. It has made me realise though that working in a high-pressure environment just isn’t going to work for me. I really enjoy putting together packages for a news programme, but my body doesn’t! Apart from Uni I haven’t really been up to much else, other than sleeping and resting!

I actually managed to get myself up at a reasonable time last Sunday, which was good because I had so much to do. I decided to have a bath and wash my hair first, as I ran out of energy to do it the day before. Then I spent the rest of the morning writing and uploading a blog post. After lunch I curled up on the sofa and watched The Simpsons, as it was Simpsons Sunday on Channel 4, while I did some planning for my Uni essay. The Princess Diaries was also on, so of course I had to watch that too! I didn’t realise you could get post on a Sunday, but this Little Book of Hygge that I’d ordered arrived, so I had a quick flick through it with a cup of Teapigs Christmassy tea and my cosy Accessorize bedroom boots.

It was back to Uni on Monday, but we had a trip and didn’t have to be there until 11am so I got a bit of a lie-in. My Dad drove me over to Surrey University and we grabbed a hot drink, as we were a bit early. We met my lecturer and other students in the University Archives. I must admit I’d expected it to be a bit boring, but it turned out to be quite interesting. The lady showed us a load of original letters that E.H.Shephard wrote to his wife during the war. They also have some of his original Winnie the Pooh drawings that were never published, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see those. At lunchtime my Dad drove me back home again. I sat on the sofa to drink my Fortisip and watch Doctors, but fell asleep and woke up an hour later. In the afternoon I did some Uni work and watched the last episode of The Level. I was so cold so snuggled up in my fluffy Dunelm blanket. Freddie obviously liked it too, as he burrowed down under it! In the evening I opened some post that had been building up.

Tuesday was a pretty crappy day to be honest. One of those days where you kind of wished you’d just stayed in bed! It started in the middle of the night when Jaffa woke me up by walking over me to my bedside table. Usually if he does that I just move him off and go back to sleep, but for some reason (probably because I was half asleep) I tried to pick him up and over my head. Unfortunately his claw caught my face, just under my eye, and left me bleeding with quite a deep cut. Thank goodness it missed my actual eye though. When I got up in the morning I was feeling really unwell and ended up being late for Uni. I would have called in sick, but because it’s a news week I didn’t want to, as I need to do a certain number of days to pass the year. It was a struggle to get through the day, and I have no idea how I managed it. Thankfully I had a light-hearted story to cover – National Cappuccino Day! We did some filming in various caf├ęs; I recorded my voiceovers and spent the afternoon editing the package together. I was half way through when my computer froze, which was incredibly stressful as I was worried I’d lost all my work. But I finally got it finished, only then we had a technical fault so couldn’t film the end programme. It just felt like the cherry on top of a pretty rubbish day! I was so glad to get home and curl up on the sofa. I opened a bit of post, which included this adorable belated birthday card from my friend Clare. It really cheered me up.

As part of our filming for National Cappuccino Day, Costa very kindly gave us a collection of their Christmas Cups. How cute are they?! I wonder if they’ll be selling the ceramic ones again this year. I also need to get my annual Black Forest Hot Chocolate fix soon.

After Tuesday I was feeling pretty wiped out on Wednesday, but dragged myself out of bed for another news day. It wasn’t great waking up to hear that Donald Trump had won the US Election, but it definitely gave us plenty of material! Ife and myself decided to cover women’s reactions to the news. We managed to get a couple of interviews with university students, one of who was American, and my friend Vicki also sent us a video to use. Ife worked on editing the package while I wrote a piece to go online. Unfortunately there were more technical difficulties, so our programme ran half an hour late, which meant I was late home and super exhausted. I pretty much just crashed out on the sofa and opened my post, which were my awesome photos from LaLaLab. I’m hoping they will spur me on to start scrapbooking/Project Life, as I’ve got all the bits and now finally have some pictures!

I overslept by an hour on Thursday morning – I must have turned my alarm off and then went back to sleep again! By some amazing miracle though, I somehow managed to get to Uni roughly on time. It was our last news day of the week and the BJTC were observing it, which was a bit anxiety provoking! I’d already sorted out my story, so Ife and I went to interview and MA student about an awesome project she’s doing. After our interview we popped to Starbucks and I got my first red cup of the year. I’m disappointed they’re not doing their honey and almond hot chocolate this year, but the cups are pretty (and they have so many cute ceramic cups and mugs too!) In the afternoon I edited our package together while Ife wrote a piece to go online. We then watched the final programme, and I think it was the best one of the week. I was exhausted when I got home and fell asleep on the sofa for a while.

The MA student we met on Thursday was the lovely Hannah Gibson who kindly let us interview her. She makes these cute little glass figures called ‘Sweet Nothings’ and is hiding them all over the UK for others to find. All she asks is that whoever finds one contacts her to let her know who they are. It’s such a fun idea and I’m excited to follow her Facebook page to see where they all turn up!

My Dad drove me over to Uni on Friday morning. I think I was still half asleep! We had a lecture about semiotics first, which I really struggled to concentrate on. At lunchtime I met up with my mentor, which was helpful. We chatted over the work I need to do before Christmas (which I’m feeling rather overwhelmed by at the moment!) and then just more generally about my health and how I’m coping (or not, as the case may be!) In the afternoon we had our Law lecture, which was interesting as usual. We discussed the US Election and U.K. Law on what you can and can’t report during elections. Then we changed topic and started talking about reporting what happens in Family Courts. My Dad brought me home and I curled up on the sofa. I wrote some cards for November and December, then finally got round to opening this month’s Birchbox.

Over the last week I’ve been wearing my Crown and Glory poppy with pride.

I’d planned to get up at a reasonable time on Saturday morning and spend the day blogging and doing Uni work. Well, that didn’t happen! I woke up at about 10.45am, so obviously needed the rest. I also decided to take a day off from any sort of work or blogging, as I felt my brain just needed a rest after the week I’ve had! I spent the morning sorting out black bags full of cuddly toys with my Mum. It’s a job we’ve been meaning to do for ages, so it was good to make a start and get rid of stuff. After lunch my Mum took me down to Waitrose so we could look at the crackers, as they’re currently half price. For the rest of the afternoon I sorted out a load of stuff to get ready for posting, and also wrote some penpal letters. I got these carnations two weeks ago from my friend Andy and can’t believe how good they’re still looking!

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What have you been up to this week? I always enjoy hearing about your news and adventures!

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