Sunday, 30 October 2016

Sunday Snippets - 30th October 2016

It’s been quite a difficult week one way or another, with my health being a particular problem. I’m so thankful it’s my reading week next week, as I desperately need some time to just take a step back, relax and recharge my batteries a bit. I can’t quite get my head around the fact this is my last Sunday Snippets of October 2016 – where is this year going?! I hate to say it, but I really need to start thinking about preparing for Christmas now!

I was able to have another lie-in last Sunday morning, but to be honest at the moment I feel like I could probably sleep forever. I spent the morning watching The Simpsons and writing a blog post. My Dad brought these gorgeous flowers home from church for my Mum. I think gerberas are such a happy flower, so it’s nice to have these sitting in our kitchen. In the afternoon I spent most of my time working on things for Uni. I looked for stories for our next news day and did some planning for an article I’m writing. I still had a few birthday presents to open, so I decided to take a break from working and open those. My Grandma was round and my brother, Richard, came over too, so we all had our Sunday roast together.

Monday was pretty awful to be honest. I’d had a really bad night and was up ill for most of it, so didn’t get much sleep. When I tried to get up in the morning, every time I sat up I felt like I was going to faint. My vision kept going black and I felt incredibly sick. It felt like the world was spinning around me. I somehow managed to get myself downstairs and called in sick at Uni, before flopping on the sofa and falling asleep. My Mum woke me up at lunchtime and I tried to get a Fortisip down me. Thankfully I didn’t feel quite so faint, but spent most of the afternoon resting. My Mum took me down to the doctors, as I had to have a blood test. I also had an appointment with my asthma nurse, and because we’re struggling to control my asthma she thinks my GP may want to refer me to a specialist. I really needed an extra spoon, and this one my friend Lissa sent me made me smile.

I was feeling a bit better on Tuesday thankfully, although I probably should have spent another day resting. My Dad drove me over to Uni for another news day. I was presenting on the radio, which was good fun. We had bulletins at 12noon, 2pm and 4pm, so it was pretty hectic! We also recorded an interview with the Mayor of Waverley, which went well. And in our 4pm programme I did a live phone interview about a football match, which was definitely out of my comfort zone! All good practise though. My Dad picked me up and brought me home, absolutely exhausted and in quite a lot of pain. We had some good news waiting for us though, as Rebekah had just got home from passing her driving test first time!

I had to be up fairly early on Wednesday morning so my Mum could take me to my counselling session. It was the last of my six sessions that they offer initially, but we’ve decided to continue for a bit longer. Maybe it will tide me over until we can get something sorted with the mental health team. My Dad picked me up and we popped to the Post Office so I could send off my PIP forms. I spent a while resting at home, then after lunch my Dad took me over to Camberley for a course with the Recovery College called Understanding Bipolar. It was run by a great psychiatrist (who I really wish was overseeing my care) and I found it so interesting. Since getting my Cyclothymia diagnosis I’ve tried looking into it a bit, but I learnt a lot more from the discussions we had during the group. It’s such a shame it’s only a one-off. I could really do with some proper support. When I got home I opened my post, which included all these Superdrug facemasks that I’d ordered for my party. Unfortunately most of the people I thought might come weren’t able to come in the end, so I’ve got to work out what to do with all the bits I’ve bought.

I managed to oversleep on Thursday morning, probably because I’m absolutely shattered at the moment. My Dad took me over to the hospital for an appointment with my physiotherapist. We had a catch up; he gave me a couple of exercises to try and help my back and has now discharged me, as he doesn’t feel there’s anything else he can do for me. We came home and I rested for a while. My Mum and I then went over to Tesco, as I was running low on quite a lot of things. They had some Disney DVDs on offer, so I decided to cheer myself up with a few more to add to my collection. I was wiped out by the time we got home, so I spent most of the afternoon resting on the sofa. My pain levels seemed to be particularly high, which I really struggled with and Tramadol didn’t seem to touch it.

I overslept again on Friday morning, but thankfully I got to Uni on time. The first part of our morning lecture wasn’t great, but the second half was a bit better. I really struggled to focus though because all I could think about was how much pain I was in. It’s really hard to do anything when my pain gets that bad. I can’t sit still because I’m so uncomfortable and all I feel like doing is curling up somewhere and trying to sleep. At lunchtime I met up with my mentor and we talked through what work I need to get done before Christmas. In the afternoon we had our Law lecture, which is always interesting. I was shattered by the time my Dad brought me home, but I had to pop to Waitrose with my Mum to get a few bits for my party. For my birthday my Dad renewed my National Trust membership and my new card arrived in the post, so I’m looking forward to going on some adventures in the next year. I was feeling really low in the evening though. Life seems to be a real struggle lately.

I had a fairly quiet Saturday morning after a bit of a lie-in. I just tried to rest as much as possible and my Mum helped me get things reading for the afternoon. I had planned to have a party with quite a few of my spoonie friends, but unfortunately most of them couldn’t come. But the lovely Charlie, little Izzi and Jemma came along and we had such a nice afternoon together (and Bekkah joined in too!) We had some snacks, watched Cinderella, Frozen Fever and The Princess and the Frog, and did lots of pampering (and chatting!) We painted our nails and did facemasks, and just generally relaxed, which was just what I needed. I appreciate these ladies coming so much and for giving me such a lovely afternoon and such thoughtful gifts. David and Emma popped over, so after my friends had gone home they showed us their photos from New York, which looked amazing!

I just had to share my amazing birthday cake with you! Thanks to the lovely Mel, I had this amazing showstopper for my party on Saturday. Four layers of raspberry and white chocolate sponge sandwiched together with champagne buttercream. And the decorations are just spot on – I mean who doesn’t love a glittery doughnut?!

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What have you been up to this week? I always enjoy hearing about your news and adventures!

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