Tuesday, 30 August 2016

My Little Friends Box

When I was looking back through my old blog posts, I couldn’t believe how long it had been since I unboxed a My Little Box on here! So, I thought I would snap some photos of the August Friends box to share with you. If you’ve never heard of My Little Box it is a monthly lifestyle subscription box, which originally started out in France and Japan, but now sends to the UK as well. As much as I love a good beauty box, I really enjoy the idea of a lifestyle box, as you get some really interesting pieces that you wouldn’t ordinarily find in a traditional beauty box.

Every month, the box has a theme, and in the past themes have included ‘Energy’, ‘Frenchie’ and ‘Super.’ August’s theme was ‘Friends’ and, as with previous boxes, on the inside lid of the brown box was a cute sticker. This particular one came in the shape of a blue speech bubble, with the phrase “We go together like bikinis and ice cream.” These stickers tend to vary – some months I will hang on to them to use for crafting, whereas other months they’re not really something I will use. They’re good fun though, and I like the way they help tie the theme together. As always, the contents of the box were beautifully displayed, tied together with a bow.

After untying the ribbon, the first thing I found was the My Little Box A5 magazine, which is always nice to flick through. It contains various articles from inspiration for how to use the contents of your box to interviews, mainly with French personalities. Underneath the magazine was an A5 print, this time with a simple slogan, “In Girlsquad we trust.” I’m usually pretty happy with the majority of these prints, as they can be good for popping on my pin board or using for crafts, but I’m not sure if I’ll use this particular one yet. Also in the box was the regular material bag containing the beauty bits, but this time with a pretty red heart design.

As this box is a lifestyle box, you usually get two or three non-beauty items, which is always good fun. The first of these was a little packet of Propercorn Sweet and Salty popcorn. Probably not enough to share with a friend, but certainly something to snack on while you watch a film together or something. As you saw in my Sunday Snippets post, the Propercorn Coconut and Vanilla popcorn is one of my absolute favourites. I haven’t tried this flavour yet, but if it’s anywhere near as good as the other flavour I’m pretty sure I’ll love it.

The next lifestyle item in the box was this clip-on fisheye lens for all smartphones. It’s definitely something different from anything I’ve seen before in a box! I’m not sure how much use I will get out of it, but I will certainly give it a try. It might be fun to use whilst taking selfies with friends (if I can work out which way round to put it!) 

The final lifestyle item was this pretty little manicure kit, made by My Little Box. This kind of thing always comes in handy when you’re on the move and break a nail or something, so I shall be popping this in one of my handbags. The pouch is a mixture of really bright, cheerful colours including navy, green, orange and pink, and is made from a fairly soft material, but strong enough to keep the contents protected.

With My Little Box you then tend to get three beauty items inside a little canvas bag. Two items are branded, and one is from My Little Beauty. The first product was a hairspray from Batiste in this colourful container. I knew Batiste did dry shampoos, but didn’t realise they also sold hairspray, so I will definitely be giving that a try to see what it’s like. Next up was a face cream from a brand I hadn’t heard of before – Kadalys. I’m guessing it might be a French brand, as I know they like to try and include French brands where they can. The packaging is clean and simple, and the comforting cream sounds like it should be nice to use. The final beauty product, which was from My Little Beauty, was a summer lips lip balm, with SPF 15, which is always good! I’ve generally found the My Little Beauty products pretty good quality, and particularly like their night cream, which came in a previous box.

So that was everything that came inside the My Little Friends Box this month! I think this was a bit of a mixed box, with some things I will definitely use and others that I’m not really sure about. The popcorn will go down well and I look forward to trying out the beauty products, but I’m not sure how useful the fish-eye lens will be. Unfortunately, this is going to be my last My Little Box, for a while at least, as I’ve had to cut down on my subscription boxes for now. But I’ve been getting the box for well over a year, and have really enjoyed being introduced to some new products and receiving a box of surprises through my door each month has been lovely.

Are you a fan of My Little Box? Or is there another subscription box that you would recommend?

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  1. this seems fab! It's great to see something a little different from your average beauty box.

    G x


    1. Yeah, I've really enjoyed getting the My Little Box, as you get a mixture of lifestyle and beauty bits :) xx