Saturday, 21 May 2016

Festival Place Big Brand Fashion Fix

One Saturday, a couple of weeks ago, I was invited by my local shopping centre, Festival Place Basingstoke, to attend their Big Brand Fashion Fix Weekend. I’ve been to many Festival Place events before and always enjoy heading down there to see what they have in store. So, on the 7th May, my Mum and I made our way over to Basingstoke to find out what was happening.

We arrived in Porchester Square to find a white catwalk, bright pink carpets and a gorgeous Health and Beauty Lounge. I had actually been booked in to the lounge for a beauty treatment, but as they were running a little behind I decided to sit and watch the first catwalk show while I was waiting.

Renowned stylist, JP, came out and announced the first fashion show, giving us his insights on the latest trends as well as loads of fashion tips. All the brands showcased on the catwalk can be found in Festival Place, which was great for when I saw something I really liked.

First up was Debenhams, with some beautiful beachwear that made me feel very summery. I particularly loved the blue and pink two-piece, which I thought would look very flattering if you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about your body (as I do!)

Next came a brand that I’m not too familiar with; Phase Eight. I often go past the store when I’m shopping, but for some reason have never actually been in, so it was good to see some of the things they sell. They have some really pretty occasion wear, which would be perfect if you’re attending a wedding this summer.

I then received a tap on my shoulder to let me know they were ready for me in the Health and Beauty Lounge. Unfortunately I didn’t see my e-mail in time, so wasn’t able to book in with one of the beauty brands on offer (Dior, Clarins and Estee Lauder); however it actually turned out OK as I got to have a bit of pampering with Hair Lab instead. One of their lovely hair stylists gave me a hair consultation and also straightened my hair for me, which was nice and relaxing.

With my newly straightened hair, my Mum and I went round to the pink carpet to have our photo taken in front of the paparazzi. I also took one on my phone and uploaded it to social media using #fashionplace to try and win myself some awesome prizes!

As I hadn’t managed to see all of the first catwalk show, I decided to go back and watch the second one, thinking it would just be the same as the first. But they had different brands this time, so there were even more lovely clothes to see! This one started with Next, who have some very pretty, flow-y summer clothes on offer, as well as some adorable children’s outfits.

After Next came Monsoon, a shop that I’m familiar with, but mainly for their Accessorize stores rather than clothing. I absolutely love Accessorize, and was bowled over by what Monsoon are selling this season.

Although not a shop I personally shop in, I know Slaters have a great reputation for suit hire for weddings and other special occasions. They even showed off one of their rather smart looking kilts!

Gap came next with some great laid-back outfits, perfect for the warmer weather. This is another shop that I often just go past, but after finding a beautiful jumper in there recently and seeing these outfits on the catwalk, I will definitely be making more of an effort to look round in future.

French Connection and Topshop also showed off some beautiful outfits, with FCUK in particular really hitting the mark with their summer range. I just wish it wasn’t so pricey!

Last up was good old Marks and Spencer, who I think have really upped their game in recent years. I always used to see M&S as a shop for older people, but recently I’ve found a lot of clothes in there that I really love, so it’s definitely worth a look.

After the second fashion show I thought I would just pop back round to the Health and Beauty Lounge, just to see if I could squeeze in with one of the beauty brands. Luckily, some ladies from Estee Lauder were there and happened to be free, so I had a lovely chat with one of them and tried out a few of their products (and consequently want to spend my life savings there!) They very kindly gave me a bag full of samples to try out too, which was a brilliant ending to a fantastic day! I was a bit sad that I didn't manage to have a chat with the ladies from Clarins, as I'm really interested in their new products, but apart from that my Mum and I had a really lovely few hours and came away with so much inspiration for the summer.

Did you go to the Festival Place Fashion Event? Or does your local shopping centre put on fun events like Festival Place does?

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  1. Brilliant post Jenny, wish I went! :-)

    1. Thanks Beth it was good fun! They do lots of different events throughout the year and I try to make sure I post about them on the SE Blog Circle Facebook group, so definitely worth keeping your eyes peeled :) xx

  2. This is such an interesting and entertaining account of the event and I really liked it. They should have something from the cosmetic side such as cosmetic treatments. I personally like cosmedocs clinic for this as I have multiple non-surgical cosmetic treatments from them.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about it :) As well as the hair sector, they did have sessions with different cosmetic brands too, but unfortunately I was unable to make it to those bits x