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Blurt Buddy Box Review*

This review has been a long time coming, and I can only apologise to Blurt for how long it’s taken me to get this written! I was sent this subscription box in September last year, but with my physical and mental health going downhill and then the loss of my Gran, as you all know my blog took a bit of a hit. But I’ve been so excited to talk to you about this box, but also about Blurt themselves, as what they do fits in perfectly with what I’m all about.

Blurt are a relatively new charity (to me anyway) who have the strapline “We are Blurt, and we’re dedicated to helping those affected by depression.” As most of you who read my blog probably know by now, I have struggled with depression since my teenage years. So when I came across this charity I was so eager to find out more about what they did. On their website they talk about their challenge and what they aim to do:

“Blurt exists to make a difference to anyone affected by depression…We’ll help you understand depression and what it means for you. We’ll support you, listen to you and introduce you to people who’ve been where you are. We’ll help you break down barriers and broach the subject with those closest to you. We’ll help you help yourself, with a little knowing nod.”

The charity describes themselves as a small but mighty team. They have won the Talk Talk Digital Hero Award in 2012 and were in the Marketing Magazine Top 10 Digital Mavericks of 2015. They were also shortlisted for the Mind Mark Hansen Digital Media Award in 2013 and The Most Inspiring Business Parent 2015 Award Category.

They offer a whole host of free resources to help us all understand more about depression and recovery, free email updates packed full of supportive advice and weekly podcasts from experts giving a professional lowdown on depression, wellbeing and the support available. They also offer a closed Facebook group for anyone with experience of depression, as they believe peer support not only reduces isolation, but it allows someone who has experienced depression to use their hindsight as another’s foresight.

Perhaps the most exciting thing they offer though (for a post lover like me anyway!) is their Buddy Box, which they simply describe as a hug in a box. It is a monthly subscription box for anyone who could do with a boost, whether they have depression or not. I was beyond excited when my Buddy Box* arrived at my front door and was overwhelmed by the thoughtful contents.

Each month the box is packed full of items to help, inspire and comfort those who are struggling. Blurt realise that problems can’t be treated with ‘things’, but these clever care packages can certainly help the person who receives them. Each item is chosen carefully by the team to offer some sort of support or way to practise self-care, which is so important for everyone to do. There will always be a minimum of five full-sized products included, which range from books to socks and everything in between!

The August box that I received came with a little hardback book called ‘May the thoughts be with you’ by Charlotte Read (RRP £9.99). It is full of little snippets, ideas and wisdom to inspire you each day and is right up my street!

Also inside were these ‘magic’ beans (RRP £3), which will grow to show messages of love and hope. I don’t know about you, but I love to see things that I’ve planted growing, so these are perfect for those days where you struggle to see anything positive. Another item that was included was this Tisserand Energy Aromatherapy roller ball (RRP £5.95), which smells amazing. I’ll be totally honest and say I used to be quite sceptical of things like aromatherapy, but I started having reflexology a while back and it’s amazing how something as simple as a scent can lift your mood in an instant.

Next in the box was this tub of CafĂ© Direct Rich Hot Chocolate (RRP £2.79). I can’t think of anything better than curling up under a blanket with a mug of delicious hot chocolate, especially with the weather as it is at the moment!

The last item in this box was a pack of dogs colouring sheets (RRP £2.50) which are great to do when you’re feeling anxious or struggling to focus on doing anything that requires too much thinking. There were also a couple of postcards, which are perfect for sending to a friend going through a tough time. More recent boxes have included items like a pair of socks, soap, a sewing kit, candles, fridge magnets and an eye mask, so you can see just how varied the contents are.

There are a range of different subscription packages on offer, from a monthly subscription of £21.50 per month to an annual subscription that works out as £18.50 per box. There’s the option to buy it for yourself, or to send a subscription to a friend and you can even do this anonymously if you want to surprise someone without them knowing it was you! Products in the boxes are gender neutral, so anyone can enjoy them, and they also make every effort to make boxes suitable for children too.

I was so happy to receive this box from Blurt and have loved seeing photos of more recent boxes that have come out since. I’m very tempted to subscribe now, as I think this monthly box of goodies would really help lift my mood while my depression isn’t great, so watch out for future unboxing posts!

Have you heard of Blurt or the Buddy Box before? What helps to give you a boost when you’re feeling down?
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  1. What a great idea! I've never heard of Blurt, but I love this concept.

    1. It's a brilliant idea isn't it! I hadn't heard of them until recently either, so I'm hoping I can raise awareness as it's always good to find supportive charities :) xx

  2. This is a wonderful idea! Depression is sadly very much part of my life and accompanies my anxieties. It's crazy what our minds can do to us and how they can hurt us <3 I found this concept so inspiring! Love your blog, now following on GFC :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Isn't it a great idea Elizabeth! I'm sorry to hear that you struggle with depression as well - it's a horrible illness and like you say, it's crazy just how much our mind can turn on us. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for following my blog xx