Friday, 9 October 2015

The high-waisted skirt

I don’t really do many outfit posts on my blog; mainly because of the time and energy it takes to snap all the photos you need, especially when the weather/light isn’t on your side! But it’s something I desperately want to do more of – I love clothes and putting outfits together, so I’d love to be able to share my love with you. It’s on my list (which is ever-growing!) of things to do! Back in the spring I spent a couple of sunny days taking hundreds of photos in my garden of various different outfits. Unfortunately, this was just before I had a really nasty bout of sickness and had to stop blogging for a few months, so all those photos have just been sitting in a folder on my computer, which I think is a real shame and pretty frustrating after the effort that went into taking them. So, although we’re now in autumn, I have decided to use some of those pictures to do a few posts because actually, with the weather as it is at the moment, a lot of the outfits I shot are perfect for October. As they are clothes I bought towards the beginning of the year, a lot of them aren’t available online any more, but I thought it would still be nice to see what outfits I’ve put together.

The first outfit included this gorgeous skirt from Chi Chi Clothing, which is actually half price at the moment, so get in quick if you love it! As the skirt is very patterned and elaborate I decided to pair it with a simple black vest top. This style of top can be found in pretty much any clothes store, usually in their basics range, in a wide range of colours. On my feet, I chose to wear these dainty white daisy sandals from Topshop, which are sadly no longer available. However, I thought these white ballet flats from ASOS would also compliment this outfit.

The second outfit I put together with a high-waisted skirt was a more colourful ensemble. This beautiful floral skirt was an absolute bargain from George at ASDA, which is somewhere I haven’t really looked for clothes before, but will definitely be going there more often! This particular skirt is no longer on sale, but you can see here that they have a great range of reasonably priced skirts to choose from. As with the first outfit, I teamed this with a simple pink vest top, which I think really picks out the pink and blue details on the skirt. I didn’t choose a specific pair of shoes to wear with this outfit, but I think something like these pink floral ballet flats from ASOS would add a fun twist to the outfit.

I’ve always felt quite self-conscious about wearing skirts, but I think the key is finding a style to suit your body shape. For me, I think a high-waisted number works well because I have quite a small waist, but then have wider hips. I also know that the length needs to be just above my knee, as I’ve tried a few midi-skirts and they just end up making my legs look short and stumpy! I really hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a couple of outfits that I’ve put together. If it’s something you do enjoy, please let me know and I’ll definitely try to do some more outfit posts.

How do you feel about wearing skirts – are you confident or self-conscious like me? Which style do you think suits you best? Have you spotted any pretty skirts in the shops recently?

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