Wednesday, 7 October 2015

No 7 Beautiful Skin

Up until fairly recently my skincare regime consisted of a make-up wipe and a dab of moisturiser, but my skin didn’t feel great and to be honest, removing my make-up just felt like a chore. So I decided to step it up a bit and sort myself out with a proper skincare routine, and I’m really glad I did. In the morning, I now cleanse, tone and moisturise, and in the evening I remove my make-up, cleanse, tone, use a serum, moisturise and use an eye cream – certainly a bit different from a make-up wipe! I thought I would share part of my routine with you all, as I’ve tried a few products now and I think I’ve found one I’m happy with. I’m not going to go through all the products I use (although if that’s something you would be interested in, please let me know and I will get on to it!) – today I wanted to talk to you about the serum I have been using for a few weeks.

As I mentioned, the presence of a serum in my skincare routine is fairly new, but I have managed to try out a few different brands over the last 18 months. I started off using an amazing product from the brand Shiseido – the Ultimune Power InfusingConcentrate. Now, this wouldn’t have been my first choice, mainly because of the price, but I was lucky enough to win one in a Twitter competition, so of course I gave it a go. If I could afford to replace it, then perhaps it is something I would stick with, as it was a really luxurious product, but unfortunately it isn’t maintainable on my budget.

The next serum I tried was Benefit’s Instant Comeback Facial Serum, which again I really enjoyed using, but I found it didn’t seem to last very long. I’d been given a couple of Benefit skincare gift sets, which included small bottles of the serum, so it was a good opportunity to try something different, but I decided it just wasn’t for me at the moment.

So, that brings me to the serum I am currently using and loving – Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin Overnight Radiance Boost, which comes in at a real bargain of £14. It’s not a serum as such, but basically does the same kind of job. I had a long chat with the ladies on the No 7 counter about which product would be right for me. They said, at my age, I don’t really need an anti-aging serum in my routine yet, as it wouldn’t add anything extra because I don’t (yet!) have visible signs of aging. So we agreed on the Beautiful Skin product, which should help my skin to feel plump and radiant, which is just what I’m after right now.

After using this product for the last few months I feel I am now in a position to be able to give my verdict on it. I’ve always been a fan of the No 7 brand anyway, so I had pretty high hopes for it, and thankfully I haven’t been let down. I think the bottle looks sleek and high-end, but thankfully is in the mid-range price bracket. The actual product feels light and delicate, sinking into my skin almost immediately and not leaving any oily residue. I’ve been using this religiously every night and I can honestly say that my skin feels more radiant, plump and glowing, and I’ve even had some compliments on how dewy my skin looks, which is a great compliment! You only need a pea-sized amount of product, which means the bottle is going to last for ages – always a bonus! I would definitely recommend this to anyone of a similar age looking for a serum (or serum substitute) and am really keen to try some of their other ranges and products in the near future.

Do you use a serum at the moment and if so, what do you use? Or are you planning to try one of the ones I’ve talked about today?

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