Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Blogger of the Month - Stephanie Dreams

I really hope you’re enjoying this series of posts and that perhaps you’ve discovered a new blog or two to follow. It’s so hard to just pick one blogger a month because there are so many great bloggers out there – I’ve got a list longer than my arm of candidates for my blogger of the month award! If you have a particular blogger you’ve been loving recently, I’d love to hear about them.

So, let me introduce you to my March Blogger of the Month; Stephanie over at Stephanie Dreams Blog.

I discovered Steph’s blog a while ago and she’s been on my list of Blogger of the Month contenders for ages, so I’m really glad I’ve managed to get her blog up this month. I thought I would share with you just a few things that I love about Steph’s blog and I hope you will too.


Steph has been blogging since late 2009, and started off her blog as an online diary, which she says has now grown into her own special corner of the Internet. She comes across as a really lovely, down to earth lady with a passion for dogs that rivals my own!

Days Out

Steph, her husband and her gorgeous doggies like to go on pretty days out, walks and visits to various attractions, and she always takes such beautiful photos when she does. For someone who struggles to get out much because of her health, I feel I can live vicariously through Steph’s beautiful photographs!


As I mentioned, Steph has the most gorgeous little menagerie of dogs, including her absolutely adorable chocolate spaniel called Severus. I adore seeing all her photos of her furry friends, both on her blog and on her Instagram. She always makes me want to take photos of our furries and I’m often feeling puppy broody for another little one!

Outfit posts

Steph loves a good outfit photo shoot and I find her style so inspiring, as it’s affordable yet fashionable. She always manages to find a nice backdrop for her outfits and you will often find me popping down to Primark to pick up something she has photographed!

Home bits

I love reading blogs of ladies who have their own homes, and Steph’s blog is no exception. I really enjoy seeing the little finishing touches she puts to her home, including beautifully scented candles, vases and canvas prints. So much inspiration for when I do eventually move out myself!

Gift ideas

Steph is great at finding cute and unique gift ideas, so I’m always popping onto her blog when an event or occasion is coming up to get some inspiration. From chocolate gift sets to home accessories, there is always an idea or two on her blog.

5 years of blogging

One particular post on Steph’s blog that I really enjoyed was her latest blog birthday post – she’s been blogging for 5 years now, which is just awesome! I thought her photo shoot was so cute with her balloons in the middle of beautiful woodland. Just shows what you can achieve if you work hard at something you love.

Disney times

One of my favourite things about Steph’s blog is her amazing love of everything Disney. When she got married there she had some awesome photo shoots done around the park, and if I’m ever feeling sad I always pop over to her blog to look at all the happy photos. They make me want to go to Disney even more every time I look at them, so if you’re a Disney fan I’d definitely recommend checking them out.

Amazing wedding

I’m a sucker for a good wedding, and Steph has the most beautiful photos from both her wedding at Disney and her wedding party back home. She looked absolutely beautiful in her dress and head garland and she has so many Pinterest worthy photos that I’ve been saving for inspiration (OK, I need to find a man first, but a girl can dream right?!)

So, that just about sums up my Blogger of the Month for March. Steph is also on YouTube, which is fantastic, so I’d definitely recommend searching for her if you enjoy her blog. If you’ve not checked out Stephanie Dreams before I really hope I’ve helped convince you to and that you’ve found a great new blogger to follow.

*All photos are taken by Steph over at Stephanie Dreams

I love to find new blogs to follow, so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them.

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  1. Wow her blog is fabulous! And she shares a lot of amazing things online, I will be sure to give her a follow :D

    1. I'm so glad you like her blog Olivia - that's great that you're going to follow her :) xx