Thursday, 5 February 2015

Blogger of the Month - Carrie Brighton

I really hope you’re enjoying this series of posts and that perhaps you’ve discovered a new blog or two to follow. It’s so hard to just pick one blogger a month because there are so many great bloggers out there – I’ve got a list longer than my arm of candidates for my blogger of the month award! If you have a particular blogger you’ve been loving recently, I’d love to hear about them.

So, let me introduce you to my February Blogger of the Month; Carrie over at Carrie Brighton.

I discovered Carrie’s blog a while ago and she’s been on my list of Blogger of the Month contenders for ages, so I’m really glad I’ve managed to get her blog up this month. I thought I would share with you just a few things that I love about Carrie’s blog and I hope you will too.


Carrie describes herself as a coffee drinking, cake baking, instagramming, dog walking, photo taking life explorer with a passion for all things lovely and this certainly comes across on her blog! I’ve had the pleasure of chatting to Carrie briefly a couple of times and she really is such a lovely lady who exudes positivity and kindness.


Carrie is a girl after my own heart in that she loves to organise and plan – she even has 2 planners: a Filofax and a Kikki K planner! She takes beautiful photos of the planners she uses and always gives me so much inspiration for my own organisation.


Like most of us bloggers, Carrie loves a bit of nice make-up, and I’m always checking out her posts for recommendations on make-up that not only looks good on, but also has pretty packaging as well! She’s a big Mac fan, which only fuels my habit more, but I can forgive her, as she’s so nice!


If you’re a fan of pretty things then you will definitely enjoy some of Carrie’s posts, as she loves to share gorgeous accessories, bags and shoes with us on a regular basis. She is really into pastel colours paired with gold, and photographs the most beautiful set-ups of her new finds.

Gorgeous doggies

As an animal lover myself, I am always swayed by a blogger who loves their animals as much as I do. I love keeping an eye on Carrie’s Instagram for photos of her two gorgeous doggies – they’re just so darn photogenic!

Home wear

Carrie has really similar taste to me when it comes to home wear – clean white furniture adorned with pretty flowers, pastel decorations and cute accessories. Her beautiful photos put my messy desk to shame, and I’m always lusting over her Pinterest-ready photos of different areas of her home.


If you’re a regular reader then I’m sure you will have worked out that I’m a bi of a bookworm, so to find another blogger who enjoys all the pretty things in life, alongside a good book, was a real catch. Her gorgeous photos makes me want to read the books she talks about even more, and I’m adding to my ever growing bookshelf every time a new post goes up!

Outdoor photography

I know I keep commenting on Carrie’s beautiful photography, but it really is worth writing home about. I especially love the photos she takes of everyday scenes outside, in the beautiful countryside, sometimes with a crisp frost lining the grass and a golden sunshine peeking through the trees – perfect.


I love nothing more than a good haul post and Carrie does a good job of fulfilling my needs! I love the fact that she always shows us a variety of products, rather than all of the same sort of thing, which makes for much more interesting viewing. We’ll ignore the fact that my bank balance isn’t quite so happy about these posts and bask in the knowledge that there are so many beautiful things out there.

Trips Out

It’s always fun to see what other people get up to and what their local area looks like, so I always look forward to Carrie’s photos of her trips out. She goes on lovely walks with her doggy friends and manages to take such beautiful and interesting photos every time she goes.


You can’t beat a pretty nail, and Carrie has a great way of choosing gorgeous colours and effects every time she posts a photo. This one in particular made me feel so Christmassy and tempted me to buy the same nail polish!


A girl after my own heart, Carrie also loves scented candles, with Yankee candles being a firm favourite. I think there’s nothing better than getting in out of the cold and lighting a pretty candle, and Carrie’s photos always make me feel so cosy and warm.


If you’re a coffee fan then I can tell we’re going to get on well, and Carrie is certainly a coffee fan. Like with her candle photos, her pictures of cups of coffee often fill my Instagram feed, tempting me to head out to my nearest coffee shop and indulge in a creamy latte, or to simply curl up with a blanket and a book in front of the fire.


Carrie prides herself on spreading positivity through her blog posts, and I think she does an excellent job. I’ve never heard her moan or say a bad thing about anyone, and I think it’s so nice to have something happy and comforting to read when there is so much bad stuff going on in the world.

So, that just about sums up my Blogger of the Month for February. Sadly Carrie is not on YouTube (as far as I know) but I would certainly be watching her videos if she was! If you’ve not checked out Carrie Brighton before I really hope I’ve helped convince you to and that you’ve found a great new blogger to follow.

*All photos are taken by Carrie over at Carrie Brighton

I love to find new blogs to follow, so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them.

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  1. Such beautiful photography! Will definitely be checking her blog out

  2. I love Carrie's blog and she's a super lovely lady in person too!

    Sophie x

  3. That's so lovely of you to dedicate a whole post to one of your favourite bloggers :) xx

    1. Thanks Charline - I do it every month so keep your eyes peeled for more Bloggers of the Month :) xx