Thursday, 6 November 2014

Southampton Blogger Meet-up

A couple of weekends ago I travelled down to Southampton with my friend Sophie, so we could attend a Bloggers Meet-up, organised by the lovely Catherine. It almost ended up being cancelled, as Catherine wasn’t able to make it, but thankfully a lovely lady called Alice stepped in and pulled off a brilliant day.

We all met in a place called The Orange Rooms, which were just as the name suggests, incredibly orange. Unfortunately due to the colour, it was absolutely impossible to take a decent photo, so I apologise for all my photos being tinted in orange!

Sophie and I arrived a little late, as the traffic getting into Southampton was awful (we realised after that Southampton FC were playing at home). We came into the private room Catherine had booked and found it full of fellow bloggers chatting and eating in a large semi-circle.

It was a great location for a meet-up and our room had lots of comfy seating, a bar and separate booths, which some of the companies had taken over.

While we waited for our lunch to arrive, Sophie and I headed over to the Lush table, where two lovely ladies from their Southampton store greeted us. They had lots of their products laid out on the table, and while Sophie chatted to one of the ladies, the other gave me the most amazing hand and arm massage I think I’ve ever had! I couldn’t resist buying a couple of their Halloween products and had to stop myself buying any of their Christmas bits!

After sitting down to eat our lunch, we then went over to the ESPA Skincare table, which looked so cosy and relaxing with their beautifully scented candles burning. We filled out our questionnaires and were then given goody bags to suit our specific skin needs, and also a voucher to go to their Southampton counter in John Lewis for a facial.

The final company we spoke to were In Situ Cosmetics who believe in personalising their skin care to suit each individual customer. We got a little goody bag with a few bits to try and an email with £20 off our first purchase, so I’m interested to look into that.

It was then time for the raffle, and I was lucky enough to win a prize from Silver Tree – a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood ring! Unfortunately, as time was getting on, Sophie and I had to say our goodbyes and weren’t able to see the last company, but we were both feeling pretty unwell and had reached our energy limit! We both left weighed down with goody bags and Lush purchases and I had a great time when I got home rooting through all my bags.

So, all in all, I had a fantastic day at my first ever blogger meet-up! For a while now I’ve been planning a meet-up a bit closer to home in Basingstoke, and am in talks with a few companies to find the best location. I’m now even more excited to get something organised, so if you’re in the Basingstoke/ South East England area and would like to hear more, please drop me a message!

Have you been to a blogger meet-up before, or would you like to in the future?


  1. I am so gutted I couldn't make the meet up but it sounds like you had an amazing day!! I would love to go to a blogger meet up in the future!! Xx

    1. I'm sorry you weren't able to make it Chloe. I'm in talks with some companies in Basingstoke about a meet up next year, so keep your eyes peeled for more information! xx

  2. Wow! What a lovely event :) The venue looks fantastic and very comfy. The Vivienne Westwood ring is gorgeous! I'm off to a Lush event this weekend, I'm very excited!

    1. It was a lovely venue Miss Pond - a great find by the lady who organised it! I hope you enjoy your Lush event :) xx