Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Bloggers of the Month - Lucy and Lydia

I really hope you’re enjoying this series of posts and that perhaps you’ve discovered a new blog or two to follow. It’s so hard to just pick one blogger a month because there are so many great bloggers out there – I’ve got a list longer than my arm of candidates for my blogger of the month award! If you have a particular blogger you’ve been loving recently, I’d love to hear about them.

So, let me introduce you to my October Bloggers of the Month; Lucy and Lydia over at Lucy and Lydia.

I first discovered Lucy and Lydia via their YouTube channel, which I can’t rave about enough right now! They don’t update their blog that regularly, but they do however post lots of great videos over on YouTube (just search Lucy and Lydia and you’re bound to find them!) These are a few reasons why I love Lucy and Lydia


The girls are obviously identical twins, and on their vlogs and in their blog posts they come across as so warm and lovely. They have a great relationship, which you can really see in their videos, and are both utterly beautiful.


Like most of us girls, Lucy and Lydia love to paint their nails, and you can find some great photo tutorials over on their blog of some of their favourite designs.


The girls love to venture out and about, and you can keep up with their travels both on their blog and their YouTube vlogs. Most recently they went on the most amazing holiday to Florida, and I had great fun watching them exploring Disney and Universal. Needless to say I am now desperate to go on holiday!

Eating out

When the twins are out and about, they love to enjoy good food and share it with their viewers. I always find these kinds of things helpful, as it gives you ideas of where to eat if you happen to go to a similar place. They also take great photos for their blog, and this hot chocolate made me rather jealous!

Get the look

Both on their blog and vlog, the girls will often show you how to get a particular look – from Beyonce to Selena Gomez. They are fantastic at doing their make-up and hair, and give some really usable ideas for us to copy.


Lucy and Lydia are girls after my own heart – they love to shop! They often share with us their purchases and OOTD, and believe me, if you’re looking to save money then you might want to avoid these videos and posts because you’ll be wanting to pick up everything they show you!

Product reviews

Along with their shopping addiction come some brilliant product reviews. They absolutely love trying out the latest make-up products, and share honest reviews on what they really think of them. They’re incredibly relatable as well, which I find really helps me to know whether I will get on with a product they talk about.

Blogger friends

If you’re a regular to the vlogging world, you’ll have heard of Gleam management (who manage people like Zoella, Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter and Victoria at In the Frow). They also manage Lucy and Lydia, and as such, the girls get invited to lots of fun blogger events. I love watching them meet up with blogger friends like Tanya Burr, Gabby and Zoe and it’s also a great way of finding out about other bloggers you might enjoy following.


Although Lucy and Lydia are bloggers, they mainly vlog these days, and YouTube is the best place to keep up with them. I absolutely love their fun, girly videos and they do a mixture of daily vlogging and sit-down videos, so there really is something for everyone. You may also see other favourites in some of their videos, so keep your eyes peeled for the likes of Zoella and friends!

So, that just about sums up my Bloggers of the Month for October. If you’ve not checked out Lucy and Lydia before I really hope I’ve helped convince you to and that you’ve found a great new blogger to follow.

I love to find new blogs to follow, so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them.

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