Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My 26th Birthday

As you may already be aware, I recently celebrated my 26th Birthday. I still can’t get my head around the fact that I’m now in my late 20’s – I still feel like a teenager at heart! I really don’t like the idea of growing up and feel that, through being unwell, I’ve lost a lot of my young adult years. But anyway, putting this sadness aside, I had a lovely birthday and was very spoilt by family and friends. I’m always interested in seeing what others receive for their birthdays, so I thought I’d share with you a few of my gifts. I just want to clarify that I’m not doing this to boast or brag – it’s just that I’ve had quite a few requests to share my gifts so I thought I’d do it!

Our house currently looks a bit like a florist, which is just lovely. I received four separate bunches of flowers on my birthday, three of which were in pink and white, my favourite colours. I also received numerous helium balloons, from my Mum and a couple of friends. I always think helium balloons are good fun on a birthday – they make me feel like a child again!

I received this Lumie Bodyclock from my parents and I’m really looking forward to trying it out. It’s basically a light that simulates natural daylight and you set the alarm to gradually wake you up over a period of time, rather than just having a harsh alarm wake you in the middle of your sleep cycle. It’s meant to make you feel less groggy, which I’m sure is something we all want! Once I’ve tried it out for a bit I will do a blog post on it if anyone is interested to hear more about it.

From my little sister I received this cute lunch box. Up until recently I have been buying my lunch at college, but this week I started my low FODMAP diet, so will need to take my own lunch instead. I did have a plain Tupperware lunchbox, but thought this one was so much more fun and I’m now looking forward to making myself a packed lunch.

This gorgeous smelling perfume wasn’t actually on my list because for some reason I forgot to add it, but I was so happy to open this lovely gift from my other sister. I’m a massive fan of Marc Jacobs perfumes. I think the scents are always so appealing and I totally adore the bottle designs. This one is the Daisy Dream edition and smells just as beautiful as the original Daisy with a bit of a twist. The bottle is going to look perfect on my chest of drawers.

My brother and his fiancĂ© kindly gave me this beautiful gratitude journal. I’m a bit of a journal nut and have lost count of the number I have now. But I saw this one online and thought it was such a lovely idea. I think it’s so important to take time to reflect upon what you have and I’m hoping this will help me to learn to be more grateful for the things I do have, even when everything else is incredibly difficult.

I received a beautiful Pandora charm for my bracelet on my actual birthday. It’s encrusted with pink and purple sparkly jewels and looks just amazing on my bracelet. Then, on my birthday my Mum and I went on a shopping trip and she bought me a Pandora ring. However, there were two rings I really liked, so I decided to treat myself to the other one because if you can’t treat yourself on your birthday then when can you treat yourself?! The rings I got were the white daisy cluster ring and the tiara ring, both of which are beautiful and delicate.

The final present I thought I would share with you are these gorgeous Dr Martins boots. These took me right back to my childhood when I saw them. When I was 7 or 8 my Dad took me up to London and bought me a beautiful pair of floral DM’s. I wore them everywhere and was so sad when I grew out of them. I’ve been looking for a similar pair ever since and when I came across these I knew they were the right ones for me! They’re incredibly comfy and well made and will hopefully last me for many years to come.

As well as these lovely gifts I was also given a floral teapot by my other brother and his fiancĂ©, some other bits for my camera, socks, smellies and stationery. I’ve been incredibly spoilt and am very grateful to everyone who made my birthday special.

What do you think of the gifts I’ve shared with you? Do you have a birthday coming up?


  1. Such wonderful presents! The pandora jewellery is so pretty. Happy Birthday! :D

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. I was incredibly spoilt wasn't I Jordan. Thank you so much :) xx

  2. Happy birthday! Beautiful gifts- I especially love that tiara ring! It's my 30th on October 26 :-) xx

    1. Thank you Emma Louise - it's so pretty isn't it! Happy Birthday for the 26th lovely xx