Saturday, 6 September 2014

Center Parcs Holiday

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, or follow me on social media, you will know that last week I went on a lovely family holiday to Center Parcs in Suffolk. I was going to vlog the holiday, but decided I needed a bit of privacy and a complete break, so instead I thought I would share a few photos with you and let you know what I got up to. I’ll split it into days to make it easier to follow. I hope you enjoy hearing about my adventures!

Monday 25th August

We had a bit of an eventful journey to Center Parcs. The rain was lashing down, so for the drivers it wasn’t much fun. Unfortunately my brother and his fiancĂ© were in a bit of a car accident – basically a car going the opposite way on the motorway crashed into the central reservation and bits of car flew over and hit my brother’s car, breaking the windscreen. Thankfully they weren’t hurt, but were very shaken up.

We eventually arrived at our pretty little lodge, unpacked and chilled out for a bit. In the evening we enjoyed cocktails and dinner at Huck’s American Bar and Grill.

Tuesday 26th August

Thankfully the weather had improved after the floods yesterday! We had a fairly quiet day, doing some reading, swimming and watching YouTube videos. In the afternoon some of the others headed over to the Segway track, which I was very jealous about but unfortunately I’m not well enough to do it at the moment. So, while they were on their Segways, my parents, my brother’s fiancĂ© and myself decided to chill out in Starbucks.

We then wandered over to one of the gift shops, and I was in absolute heaven. It was full of shabby chic home ware from the likes of Cath Kidston and Emma Bridgewater. I had to be very strong willed to not spend too much! I did treat myself to a couple of Cath Kidston mugs though.

Wednesday 27th August

Another day when the weather was nice. We decided to make the most of the weather and head out onto the lake in a couple of pedalos. As with a lot of things at Center Parcs, you have to pay extra, but we got half an hour of ambling around the large lake amongst the ducks and various other guests doing water sports.

At lunchtime we made our way over to the pancake house, where I was very impressed to find they could offer soya milk and gluten free pancakes! They were so yummy; we ended up going again later in the week.

After resting up after the pancake house, we made our way to the on site bowling alley and played a couple of games, one of which I actually managed to win! I have no idea how I did it, as I never win at bowling, but I did!

Thursday 28th August

Today was quite a relaxing day. I spent the morning working on my Wreck this Journal and watching videos on YouTube, which was lovely. After a light lunch a few of us wandered over to the Aqua Sana spa for various treatments. I had an Elemis Detox Massage and Facial, which is said to be good for improving circulation and digestion. Once we’d had our treatments we were allowed to chill out in the relaxation room for a while, which was lovely. Once we got back to our lodge, I decided to go in the hot tub with my sisters – it was so warm! It’s taken me a lot to share this photo of me in my new bikini because I am so self conscious about my body, but I always talk about needing to have body confidence, so I thought I would practice what I preach. This bikini was from Boux Avenue.

Friday 29th August

We had to be out of our lodge at 10am, which was a bit of a rush! We packed everything into the cars and then the others all went swimming, so my parents and I went to good old Starbucks again and I chilled out reading some blogs
. Once the others came out of the swimming pool it was already lunchtime and we decided to go to the pancake house again as we enjoyed it so much before. After waiting in a long queue to get out of the place, we finally made our way home.

Overall I had a lovely time away, but it went way too quickly! Center Parcs was incredibly friendly for people with additional needs. We hired out a wheelchair from them for a £30 returnable deposit, which was an absolute Godsend! Plus they seemed to cater very well for dietary needs. It was great to spend some quality time with my family and I’m already excited for next year’s summer holiday!

Have you had a good summer? Did you go on holiday? Are you a Center Parcs fan?


  1. I've never been to Center Parks but it always looks so lovely and like it has so much to offer everyone, relaxing, or activities. I might look at going next year and it's good to know you can hire wheelchairs there too. Your bikini is so pretty, looks and sounds like a lovely trip! :)

    Hayley-Eszti |

    1. It's a great place to go to on holiday - not particularly cheap, but has so much to offer and we love it! You'll have to let me know if you decide to go next year :) Thank you hun xx