Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Blogger of the Month - Zoella

I’ve been doing my Blogger of the Month series for a few months now and am finding it ever harder to pick just one blogger a month – there are so many great bloggers out there that I already have a long list of potential candidates! I think it’s great to discover new bloggers and get lost reading back on all their posts – it’s one of my favourite ways to pass the time. I don’t tend to look at the amount of followers a blog has because you can get some big bloggers who’s posts just don’t really appeal to me, but you can also get bloggers with perhaps one or two followers who do fantastic posts that are right up my street!

So, let me introduce you to my August Blogger of the Month; Zoe over at Zoella.

I’m a bit behind on the whole vlogging trend and only recently really got into watching vlogs (why did I leave it so long?!) This was how I first discovered Zoella, watching her videos then led me to discover her blog, which I now love.


Zoe comes across as a lovely, down to earth lady who I feel if I met would definitely be the kind of person I would want to be friends with. She is quite obviously beautiful but seems to have a beautiful personality to match. I feel I can relate to her very easily, making her blog very relevant to my own life, plus we seem to have a lot in common so the topics she writes about really interest me.

Love of Lush

I share Zoe’s love of all things Lush, so am always excited to see when she posts about a haul from the shop. Her photos are always clear and colourful and she gives great reviews of every product in her haul. I also love the way Zoe has chosen to store her Lush collection. It really brightens up the bathroom and if I had a spare surface I would definitely display mine in a similar way.

Amazing make-up collection

Fairly recently, Zoe posted a video that showed us how she stores her extensive make-up collection. I was amazed at the assortment of goodies she has accumulated over the years and am totally in love with her gorgeous storage area, with draws for every possible eventuality. I’m particularly jealous of her amazing collection of make-up brushes, which makes my two brushes look rather inadequate! However, she posts brilliant reviews so I am planning on adding to my collection after listening to her advice.

Outfit posts

I think one of my favourite types of post has got to be a good old OOTD. Zoe has a great sense of style and I find myself wanting to buy everything she posts (not so good for the old bank account!) She is incredibly photogenic and her outfit photos are clear and fun, making it very easy to want to purchase every piece she wears!

Gorgeous blogging space

Interiors are one of my all time favourites so I was really excited when Zoe posted some photos of her blogging space. I think it’s nice to see where people work and what they keep around them to encourage them. I have just had my bedroom decorated, so took some inspiration from Zoe’s gorgeous blogging space when putting my own desk area together.

Home ware hauls

Although I don’t yet have my own home to kit out, it doesn’t stop me from loving home ware and planning what my home will look like when I do get there. Again, I seem to share Zoe’s love of all things pastel and vintage, so love it when she posts snippets of her home on her blog. She does a great job of showing us her home without giving everything away, which I think is really important, as everyone needs to keep some things private.

Adventures out with friends

Zoe has some fantastic blogger friends, with whom she shares many an adventure. I love catching up on what they’ve all been up to and the great thing about them all being bloggers is I can read about the same adventure on several different blogs! Her escapades with people like Louise, Tanya and her brother Joe look so much fun and make me want to be there with them!

Cute old photos

I love it when bloggers share some of their past with their readers. I feel like it helps me connect with them and learn a bit more about their journey to where they are now. Zoe often shares cute memories from her past both on her blog and her YouTube channel and I love the fact that it feels like I’m delving into her old family albums. Plus the photos are just so darn adorable – who wouldn’t enjoy looking at them?!

Pippin and Percy

I love any furry friends, but have a particular love of guinea pigs, as we used to have some of our own and I do miss them now that they’ve gone. It’s probably the reason I’ve totally fallen in love with Zoe’s gorgeous little furries on her blog and vlog. Their indoor cage looks amazing – something I wish I’d had with mine – and they are so photogenic. I just want to give them both a big cuddle!

Writing a book

Recently, Zoe shared some incredibly exciting news that she has a book coming out soon. It is one of my dreams to write a book of my own one-day, so I’m loving following her book-writing journey. I will definitely be ordering myself a copy when the release day comes round.

Interesting videos

Quite possibly one of my favourite things about Zoella are her YouTube videos. It’s where I first discovered her and they are so fun and easy to watch, I love nothing more than curling up with a cuppa and catching up on her two channels. Hearing about her difficulties with anxiety also inspired me to start my own YouTube channel. Before then I didn’t think I was brave enough to put myself out there, but hearing about how she has managed to do it despite her anxiety gave me the confidence to try it out myself, and now I love it!

So, there we have it. If you’re not already a Zoella fan I’m hoping by now to have converted you!

I love to find new blogs to follow, so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them.

*All photos are taken by Zoe


  1. I love her so much, she so cute <3

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

  2. I've loved Zoe for years & I've really enjoyed reading her interior posts now she has her own flat! I'm so envious of her beautiful flat in Brighton!

    L x

    www.loulabeth.co.uk // bloglovin'

    1. Her interior posts are great aren't they! I would love to live so close to the sea in Brighton - it looks beautiful! xx

  3. I really enjoy watching Zoe's vlogs as well!