Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Spotlight - 20th July 2014

In my life this week…

No more side effects!

I’ve had a real scare with my health this last week. Last week I commented that I seemed to be feeling worse and was having problems with my legs, and as the weekend progressed into this week, my health deteriorated further. I got to a point where I couldn’t sit or stand, was sweating bucket loads, felt too sick and dizzy to eat or drink and could not keep my body from shaking. Scared was definitely an understatement. On Monday I decided to ring the doctors, who told me they had no appointments. After much ringing and begging I managed to see a doctor on Monday afternoon, who decided to take me off a new medication I was trying, and thankfully after a few days I was feeling much more human again. It’s crazy how a few little tablets can make you so unwell, but I certainly won’t be taking this medication again in a hurry! This photo, with my brother, his fiancĂ© and my sister was taken on the first day I felt able to stand up again.

Air con

I’ve been melting in the heat this week, especially up in my bedroom. Because my room is up in the attic, it seems to get a lot hotter than the rest of the house, and the Velux windows can act like a green house. Thankfully, a few years ago my Dad bought me an air conditioning unit, so this week it’s been back up in my room cooling me down. I’d be lost without it and it’s meant I can get on with blogging and other bits and bobs in my bedroom, which is great. The only downside is that it’s so noisy, so I’m just using it sparingly.

Old friends

This week I’ve had the opportunity to catch up with a couple of old friends, which has been lovely. One of them was my friend Katrina, who I met when we were at college together but she actually only lives down the road from me! We used to do everything together – shopping, cinema, meals out, trips to London, but then a couple of years ago she was offered an amazing job over in Dubai. I’ve really missed having her around, so it’s been lovely catching up with her while she’s back to the summer. We’ve so far managed a trip to Costa, and this week a mooch around a local garden centre and a drink in the cafĂ©, and we’re hoping to see each other a few more times before she heads back to Dubai for September. We’ve also been chatting about having a girly holiday to Cornwall next summer, which I’m already getting excited about, as long as I can get my health a bit more stable.

What has grabbed your attention this week? I love hearing about people’s new discoveries and you may end up sharing something that makes it onto my list next week!

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