Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Idea Owl*

By complete fluke we seem to be on a bit of a stationery theme this week, but hey, you can never get enough of cute stationery can you?! Like I’ve said in previous posts, I love discovering new small businesses. I sometimes get a bit bored of seeing the same old stuff in chains of shops; so individual stores offer something a bit different, which is always lovely. I recently came across Donna at The Idea Owl on Instagram and was bowled over by her cute stationery products. For ages I simply followed her updates on Instagram, and then Facebook, swooning over the photos being posted each day of new, fun products. After I while I decided to drop Donna a message, asking if she might be interested in working with me on a blog post and thankfully she said yes!

She very kindly agreed to send me a parcel of products for review and I was beyond excited when this package arrived, sporting an Idea Owl sticker on the back. What’s great about this little store is that Donna only gets a certain number of products in, and once they are sold out she buys something different, so you’re less likely to have something that everyone else has, which I really love.

Inside were a selection of beautifully wrapped packages, each enclosed in a different coloured paper. They looked so pretty I didn’t want to open them at first!

I carefully unwrapped the individual parcels and was greeted by gorgeous product after gorgeous product. Donna had put so much thought into what she sent me to review, basing a lot of the products on my love for my black cat, Jaffa.

These black cat point markers will be so incredibly useful when I start back at college in September, making my notes look pretty while allowing me to mark sections of text to read back over later.

If I’m not in the mood for marking with a black cat, then I’ve also got these funky colourful shapes to try out too!

I’m a bit addicted to washi tapes at the moment, so was really excited to see these two included in my review parcel. The great thing about these is that they’re not too patterned, so will be perfect to use in my college work to make it look a bit more fun.

I love these cat post-it notes and that fact that they’re pink is even better! I’m always using post-it notes to leave myself reminders around the house; so using these will hopefully make those boring reminders a little more exciting.

As far as I’m concerned you can never have enough notebooks and this little book will be perfect for slipping in my handbag for jotting down ideas when I’m out and about. I really love the simple design and phrase ‘Life is like water.’

You can’t possibly buy stationery without picking up a few pens. I’m constantly on the look out for pens as I do so much letter writing that I get through a hell of a lot. Rather than just using boring black ball point pens, I always like to use more colourful products, so these will be great for my letter writing to pen pals.

These products are probably one of my favourites that Donna sent me, because they remind me so much of my cat, Jaffa. The Memo notes will be so useful as usually I write memos on bits of paper that have a habit of getting lost when they fall off the side. Being able to stick these to a surface should help make sure the memo gets to the person it needs to. And the little sticky notes will be fantastic when I’m back at college and need to mark pages in my textbooks.

I absolutely love stickers and have a folder that I keep mine in, which I like to keep adding to. As I’ve said, I write a lot of letters to pen pals, and I like to decorate these with cute stickers to make them more interesting. I’m so excited to use these new stickers from The Idea Owl, as they’re so darn cute!

Finally, are these lovely writing papers; perfect for my letter writing escapades. I’m always on the look out for cute writing sets, so would definitely recommend taking a look at The Idea Owl website if you’re looking for something similar. Overall I am so impressed with both the products and the service Donna provides and would definitely recommend checking out her website if, like me, you’re a bit mad about stationery!

*These products were sent to me by The Idea Owl to review

Do you like stationery as much as I do? Will you be checking out The Idea Owl for some stationery products of your own?


  1. Never hear of The Idea Owl but their stationary looks so cute. I think if I had these kind of things when I was still at school or uni, I'd have been too distracted by the pretty colours to concentrate on my lecture haha.


    1. I'm glad you like the look of their stationery Helen :) Hehe yeah I guess the prettiness could distract people from their work! xx

  2. Such cute stationary I have a massive thing about notebooks and pens especially when they're so pretty! xx

    1. I'm glad you like it Jordan - they sell some really cute stuff! xx

  3. Jealous of all your stationary Jenny! It's so cute :) I'm definitely going to have to look up The Idea Owl.

    Faye |

    1. It's really cute isn't it?! You'll find lots of lovely stuff from them :) xx