Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday Spotlight - 29th June 2014

In my life this week…

BBC Radio Berkshire

This Wednesday I had a rather exciting day. After being nominated for a Beat Volunteer Award I was contacted by a press officer, asking if I would be interested in appearing on BBC Radio Berkshire. At the time I was saving my energy for the Houses of Parliament Awards Ceremony, so, with a heavy heart I had to decline. But a few weeks later I was contacted again by the same person, saying the BBC were still very interested to speak to me and were happy to fit around my health. How could I refuse?! So, on Wednesday, my Dad drove me over to BBC Monitoring in Caversham, where a lovely radio assistant greeted me. I was then taken into the studio and introduced to Anne Diamond, before going live on air for an interview about my eating disorder experiences. I’m planning to do a separate blog post going into more detail, so I won’t spoil it by telling you too much. However, if you want to listen back to my interview, it is available here until Wednesday 2nd July. I start talking at about 10 minutes in.

New bras

Is it just me who loves buying new underwear?! There’s something about wearing pretty bras that makes me feel nicer than if I stick on an old discoloured bra. I haven’t bought any new underwear for ages, so this week I treated myself to a new bra haul from good old Marks and Spencer. They’re always my go-to shop for bras, as a trained lady can measure you and find a size that fits you perfectly. Typical me, I needed different sizes for different styles, so God knows what my size actually is! But I now have a whole new bra wardrobe and throwing my old manky ones away was very satisfying.


I’m really getting back into my arts and crafts and have a whole variety of projects on the cards. Something I’m going into is starting my own little business, Jaffa Cat Designs; selling cards, scrabble art and button art. I’m so excited to get going with this and I’m currently making some example pieces that I can display on my website for people to view when they’re trying to decide what they’d like me to make. I will be doing custom, personalised pieces depending on what the customer is after. So I’ve been stocking up on materials, which included loads of pretty buttons. I never knew there were so many to choose from and I’ve been addicted to browsing eBay to find hidden gems.

Just as an aside – I’ve uploaded another video to my YouTube channel and I’d love you to check it out!

What has grabbed your attention this week? I love hearing about people’s new discoveries and you may end up sharing something that makes it onto my list next week!

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