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My Quest for the Perfect Cuppa - Whittards, Redbush, Tick Tock and Clipper* edition

A couple of weeks ago you’ll remember that I started a new series of posts searching for the perfect cup of tea. I went through a selection of teas I was sent from Tetley, giving my opinion on each different one. I’ve continued to explore a huge variety of teas and am ready for my next post, which, this time, includes a large range of brands from Clipper to Redbush.

The first brand I tried were the Clipper teas, as I’ve tasted some of their range before and knew how good they were! They also now use pyramid tea bags, which are meant to give you more taste as there is a larger surface area for the leaves to infuse through.

I’ll continue in the way I started with in my last post, giving my opinion on each individual tea, before coming to a conclusion at the end.

Pure Green Tea

I’m usually quite a fan of Green Tea, as I love how clean and fresh it tastes. Unfortunately though I was a bit disappointed with this brand – I found it incredibly bitter, which was a real shame. However, a friend of mine has told me to try adding a small amount of cold water first, to stop the leaves from being scorched, so I’m going to give that a try and see if it makes a difference.

Blueberry and Elderberry

I love fruit teas but am often disappointed that the gorgeous scent doesn’t translate to the taste. I was pleasantly surprised by this flavour though, because, as well as having a lovely scent, it had the taste to match it!

Apple and Rhubarb

This was another flavour with a delicious scent and, although the taste was equally lovely, I felt it could have been a little stronger, so perhaps I didn’t leave the tea bag in for long enough.

The next brand I tried was Redbush, which I must admit I’d not heard of before I did a Google search for brands of tea. I think I just tend to always go for the same brands so don’t tend to look too closely at other brands, so I’m glad I’m doing this quest because it’s giving me the opportunity to discover new brands.

Chai Rooibos

I’d never tried a chai tea before, but have heard a lot of hype about it from various friends, so was excited to give it a go. I added a bit of soya milk to this, although it can be drunk without. I enjoyed the warming nice taste and this is definitely something I would buy again.

Original Rooibos

Again, I added a little soya milk to this blend and found it to be perfect for an afternoon chill out in front of the TV. It had a rich, warm taste that wrapped me in its arms and helped me relax.

Citrus Rooibos

I had this blend without milk and really loved the citrus kick that came alongside the warming nature of the rooibos tea.

After the Redbush teas, I then tried a brand called Tick Tock. Again, I hadn’t heard of this brand before I was sent them to sample, but was really impressed with the flavours.

Rooibos Detox – Restore and Renew

This tea definitely lived up to its name, with a refreshing clean taste that was also warm and comforting. I think I did actually feel slightly restored after sitting down to a cup of this!

Rooibos Vanilla Chai

I love the flavour of vanilla as I find it incredibly comforting – it always reminds me of making fairy cakes with my Mum and Gran. This had a warming quality to it with delicate hints of vanilla.

If you’re a fan of tea and anything like me, you can’t walk past a Whittards without popping in to try samples of teas and browse the gorgeous chinaware. I hadn’t actually bought any Whittards teas to try for this quest, as after purchasing a few other brands my bank balance was looking a little wobbly. However, I needed to place an order online for a present for someone else and couldn’t resist popping some tea in my basket.

Strawberry and Vanilla - Hot

I’ve tried a couple of their instant teas before, but thought this flavour would be perfect for this summer weather. It is incredibly sweet – my Mum referred to it as a liquid strawberry split! If you’ve got a sweet tooth this should satisfy any cravings with it’s strong but delicate taste.

Strawberry and Vanilla - Cold

The great thing about Whittards instant tea is that it can be drunk hot or cold. I decided to try it over ice, and actually preferred it to the hot version. It makes a fantastic summer drink and was deliciously refreshing. There was a bit of sludge left at the bottom of my glass, but in a way this was good as I think it took away some of the sickly sweet flavour and made it more drinkable.

It’s so difficult to pick a favourite from all of these brands and flavours, as they’re all so different. I would definitely recommend the Whittards iced tea for the summer weather, and was quite taken with Blueberry and Elderberry Clipper flavour.

*Teabags were gifted to me by Clipper, Redbush and Tick Tock

Are you a fan of any of these brands, or is there another brand you prefer? What is your favourite type of tea of the ones I’ve reviewed today?

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