Monday, 9 June 2014

Filofax iPad Air Case*

I’ve been a massive Filofax fan for more years than I care to remember, so when I was asked to review one of their products I was over the moon! I’ve been using their organisers for a long time now, but have never really delved into the other products they sell, so was quite excited to see if their gadget cases lived up to the high quality of their organisers.

This black, leather-look A5 iPad Air case* arrived beautifully packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, with a kind note from the lovely people at Filofax. After sliding the plastic off, I could already feel the amazing quality of the faux-leather case, which is smooth yet sturdy.

Undoing the zipped fastening, you are presented with a product perfect for work or play. On the right-hand-side is space to clip in your iPad Air, and on the left is an A5 notepad for jotting down all those notes you need to remember as you browse the net.

The A5 notepad is lined, meaning you have plenty of scope for writing important notes for business or pleasure, or perhaps just a space to doodle as you browse. It is simple to replace, as it is not stuck in, so there’s no worry about filling it up and it then losing its use.

Underneath the notepad are various pockets for storing notes or cards, meaning you can carry everything you might need for a business meeting or for just taking your iPad to the local coffee shop for a spot of blog reading. There is also a pen holder in between the notepad and iPad, making sure you have a pen for all those note-taking opportunities.

My brother’s iPad Air fits snugly and securely inside the case, meaning worries about it falling out or breaking are a thing of the past. It is suitable for right or left-handed use, so perfect for anyone. This particular case only comes in black, which looks sleek and professional, but there are other similar cases on the website in a range of colours including blue and pink.

The case allows you to rotate the iPad Air holder 360 degrees, so can be stood up for use in multiple viewing positions, perfect for any occasion.

This sleek case is available for a very reasonable £30 from the Filofax website and I couldn’t recommend it enough. The quality is second to none, meaning the case will see you through a huge variety of situations, while keeping its smooth and sturdy exterior. It definitely lived up to my high expectations of Filofax products and I’d be interested to hear if you decide to treat yourself to one.

Do you use Filofax products, such as their organisers, cases or anything else? Do you have a favourite product from them?

*This product was gifted to me by Filofax

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