Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bramble and Bracken

I love discovering new things and am particularly a fan of small businesses, as you tend to be able to find unique items that aren’t widely available across a chain of stores. I’m also a big lover of working with local businesses, as I think it’s so important to feel part of a wider community and support locals trade. I recently came across Bramble and Bracken, and found out they were set up very close to where I live. After browsing the website I knew I needed to introduce you all to them, as the products they sell are so cute and different. So I emailed the lovely owner, Allie, who agreed to answer a few questions for me.

Hi there! Could you introduce yourself briefly to my readers please?

Hello! I'm Ailie and live in Rotherwick, Hampshire. I'm a girlie girl, blogger and shop owner with a social media addiction and a very sweet tooth!

How old are you and when did you set up your business?

I have just turned 18 and launched Bramble and Bracken in August last year.

What sorts of products do you sell and how do you source them?

On my website I mainly sell home wares, stationery, prints and accessories and try really hard to get something that is 'different' and that you don't see everywhere. I source my products from a variety of places all over the world (currently we have items from South Africa, France as well as here in the UK) and work together with other small businesses, creatives and makers to stock a lovely array of items for our customers and their homes. 

What inspired you to set up a business so young?

I have always wanted a shop in some form or another (probably due to the fact I used to constantly be 'playing shops' when I was little). In the summer holidays of last year I was a little bored and decided to turn my dream into a reality and set up my website. At first I just sold phone cases with my designs on them but as time went on I branched out into stocking other people's work and our collection has expanded since. I always think that people tend to give younger people a bad name and think we're all the same but I'm kind of out to prove that theory wrong! 

Where did the name Bramble and Bracken come from?

Bramble and Bracken came about a bit randomly really! The Bramble part comes from my memories of picking blackberries with my grandparents on country walks in the Autumn sun and well, as for Bracken, I'm not entirely sure.  I have always just liked the way they sound together and have known for a long time that it's what I would call my shop when I had one. 

Do you work entirely on your own, or do you employ others to help out?

As I have been a full time student and doing my A Levels, at times it has been a little hectic in terms of fulfilling orders, buying stock, running social media, replying to emails and fitting in homework, coursework and revision. However, usually I have just managed to juggle things around and do it all myself. On the odd occasion though my dad will help out by posting orders whilst I'm at college. My mum helps in terms of stock buying and giving me advice on what colour ways/patterns she thinks people will like most and my brother will help in terms of website technical difficulties (although I have to be REALLY stuck before I ask for help! haha!) 

If you could only choose one, what would be your favourite product that you sell?

Oooh this is really quite difficult! I still love our Instagram phone cases as they were the first thing we sold as well as being our best sellers! However, for this time of year our enamelware is perfect. It's great for taking on picnics, trips to the beach etc and even when the British summer means it's pouring with rain you can have a nice hot cuppa or some soup to warm you up in it.

I’d like to thank Allie for answering my questions and helping us get to know her business a little better. I can’t wait to place my first order. There’s just the problem of whittling down what I want!

Have you shopped with Bramble and Bracken before, or will you be doing so in the future? Can you recommend any small online businesses I should check out?

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  1. Bramble and Bracken sounds awesome! I will have to check out Allie's shop now! x