Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunday Spotlight - 13th April 2014

This week, I’ve been loving…

Scheduled Posts

Usually I write this post on a Sunday morning, which is all well and good if I have the time to do it, but what about those days when life gets taken up with other things? For example, this Friday I went into hospital for an operation. I’m obviously not well enough at the moment to be sitting at my computer writing posts, so I’m pretty excited to have got my head around Blogger’s ability to schedule posts! I’ve always known there’s a function that allows you to do this, but I’ve had so much trouble trying to work out how to do it! Now that I’ve worked it out, I realise how daft this sounds, but for ages I couldn’t work out why my posts weren’t posting at the times I wanted them to. I then realised that I had set it to completely the wrong time zone, which explained my posts going live at strange hours of the day and night!

It’s a real lifesaver now, as I can get a weeks worth of posts up and ready within the space of a single morning, which leaves more time for getting on with everything else I’ve got to do, including planning future posts!

Pamper Hamper

I think I’ve mentioned on here before about my newfound hobby for entering competitions, and this week I’ve received a few more wins through the post. It’s amazing how much winning something can cheer you up! One of my favourite wins this week has got to be this Pamper Hamper from Marks and Spencer won through Smint’s Twitter page. I was so excited to unwrap it and see how beautifully put together it is. I can’t wait to sit down with a glass of pink Cava after my operation (well, a few days after!) and celebrate hopefully the start of feeling a bit better.

This Morning

As a general rule of thumb, I hate daytime TV. I remember when I first became ill at 15 and had to spend a great deal of time curled up on the sofa. For the first week or so it wasn’t too bad (as far as being ill can be), as there were a few different programmes to keep me entertained on TV. But soon I must have seen every episode of ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ and they started repeating them again – it drove me mad! Since I had this blip in my health I’ve tried to keep myself occupied with other things, like blogging, although I do still have the TV on in the background. That’s how I’ve discovered ‘This Morning,’ and I have to admit I think I’m slightly addicted to it now! It’s usually presented by Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, who make a fantastic double-act and are always great to watch, as they seem to have a genuine friendship between them. There are always interesting topics addressed on the programme, from mental and physical health problems to health, beauty, fashion and jewellery. I’ve been tuning in for the last couple of months, and so far I’m still enjoying every episode. So, if you’re ever off work for whatever reason and have some time to kill, I’d definitely recommend tuning into ITV1 at 10.30am for a bit of light relief every weekday morning.

What has grabbed your attention this week? I love hearing about people’s new discoveries and you may end up sharing something that makes it onto my list next week!

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  1. Philip Schofield never fails to make me smile! He just has this character about him, that's so optimistic and cheery - so light-hearted and friendly! Congrats on that win, looks absolutely amazing and I hope you enjoy it, you deserve it!

    1. I know what you mean Vanessa - I always enjoy programmes when he's presenting them! Thank you - I'm excited to pamper myself with the gifts in the hamper!