Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sunday Spotlight - 22nd December 2013

This week, I’ve been loving…

Christmas Trees

I have to admit I’ve never felt this un-Christmassy so close to the big day. I don’t know what it is this year – I’ve written cards, bought and wrapped presents, been to Carol Services…I just don’t seem to have that Christmas spirit this year. However, it has been nice seeing all the Christmas trees in neighbours windows and ours is finally decorated, taking pride of place in the corner of our lounge. As un-Christmassy as I feel, there’s nothing quite like being greeted by it’s twinkly lights and pine-needle scent.

Time spent with friends

One of my favourite things about the festive period is having the opportunity to catch up with friends I don’t get to see very often. A lot of my closest friends have moved away from our little hometown. Some haven’t gone too far, whereas others are living thousands of miles away, on the other side of the world! But over the last week some of them have journeyed ‘home’ and it’s been lovely having a proper catch-up with them. I’m looking forward to seeing those who haven’t made it back yet over the next couple of weeks.

Radio Times

Throughout most of the year, I never buy Radio Times. I’ve not really any need for it as I can find out all I need to from the good old Internet. But when Christmas comes around, it’s tradition to pick up a copy of the Christmas edition. This week I’ve enjoyed curling up on the sofa with my copy and a nice pink highlighter, marking all the Christmas TV I’d like to watch. I think I may need to record some of it, unless I spend the whole festive period in front of the box!

What has grabbed your attention this week? I love hearing about people’s new discoveries and you may end up sharing something that makes it onto my list next week!

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