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Declaring Adverts

I want to be completely transparent about the things I write about, so will make sure to declare if a post is a paid for advert or if a product has been gifted to me.

If I have been paid to create a post (either in money or through product/experience), the post will clearly be marked as an advert using AD.

If a product/experience has been sent to me as a gift, but I have no obligation to share it, this will be marked as AD GIFT.

If I use any affiliate links, whereby I will earn a small amount of money if you buy something through the line (at no extra cost to you), I will make it clear that affiliate links are used in the post.

And if a post has not been paid for or I have bought an item with my own money, but I have worked with the brand in the year before, I will make it clear that I have had a working relationship with them in the past.


All posts on this blog are my own, written by me in my own words and they express my own thoughts and opinions. Occasionally I may accept guest posts, but these will be identified in the post title and I only accept posts that I believe fit with my content.

I will only accept PR samples that genuinely interest me and fit with the theme of my blog. If I am offered something that I would not consider buying myself, I will politely decline. And I will always give my honest views on anything I am sent to review.

I may also write sponsored posts (paid for adverts) on my blog from time to time, which usually means I have been financially compensated by a brand to write about a product, experience or service. As with PR samples and guest posts, I will only write sponsored content that I believe in and feel is in keeping with my blog. All opinions will be my own and I will always give a totally honest review, as with all posts on my blog. If a post contains any kind of advertising, no-follow links will always be used.

Terms and Conditions

  • Comments are always welcome on my blog and I love to hear from my readers. However, all comments are moderated before being published, and any comments containing spam, swearing or offensive material will be deleted straight away. If you feel a comment you've made has been deleted unfairly, please contact me on to discuss it further
  • I appreciate anyone taking the time to comment on my posts, and try to respond to as many as I physically can as quickly as possible. However, please do not be offended or think I don't appreciate it if I am unable to reply straight away to each individual comment. This in no way means that I don't value each and every one of my readers. If you particularly want to communicate with me, there is always my e-mail address or my social media
  • This is a personal blog, which only contains my thoughts and opinions unless otherwise stated. Any medical advice/opinions given should not be used in place of professional advice. Any comments made within my posts should be taken as opinion only, and the owner takes no responsibility for errors or omissions in information given
  • If you would like to reuse or share any images or content from my blog, please credit me by directly linking back to my blog and do not pass content off as your own. It would also be nice, if you plan to reuse any images or content, for you to ask my permission first
  • All photos and posts are my own work, unless otherwise stated. I would be grateful if you also credit me if you write a post that was inspired by content on my blog.

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