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Day Five at Disneyland Paris - Going Home

So far, I have shared what we got up to on our first day, second day, third day and fourth day at Disneyland Paris, and today I’m back to tell you about the final day of our holiday! If you haven’t seen my first post, my family and I went to Disneyland Paris back in September 2018 to kick off my 30th Birthday celebrations. 

We wanted to get up fairy early on our last day so we could really make the most of the time we had left in the parks. Although we had to be out of our room in the Hotel New York fairly early, we didn’t have to worry about carting our suitcases around the parks all day thankfully. After enjoying our last buffet breakfast in the hotel, we took our bags to reception, where they were put on a luggage trolley and held in a secure location ready for when we needed to leave. This meant we had our hands free to go and enjoy our last few hours in the park.

Unfortunately, just like when we went ten years ago, the heavens decided to open as we made our way into the Disneyland Park for the last time. We took shelter under the store fronts on Main Street for a while until the rain eased a bit, and then decided to head over to Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast for one last try at becoming a Galactic Hero. We did seem to have to wait quite a long time at the disabled entrance for a Cast Member to come and acknowledge we (and a few others with Green Passes) were there, which was a bit of a shame, as we didn’t have a huge amount of time. But once we were let through it didn’t take long for us to get on the ride. My score was actually worse this time than it was earlier in the week, so I’m not sure what happened there!

After battling with Zurg, we then made our way across a rainy park to Frontierland, as we were desperate to do Big Thunder Mountain one last time. Bekkah and I decided to sit on the opposite sides of the carriage to where we had sat before, and we found that it definitely seems to make a difference to your experience on the ride, so I’d recommend trying both sides of the carriage if you get the chance. I don’t know if it’s because it was raining and parts of the ride had filled with more water, but we also seemed to get a lot wetter this time round! And just so we had a bit of variety in our ride photos – Bekkah decided to pull a fish face this time round (don’t ask!)

As the rain had stopped by the time we came off Big Thunder Mountain, we decided to try and get our family photo in front of the castle (which is easier said than done when people keep walking in front of your camera!) We all had our matching personalised Disney hoodies on and, thanks to a lovely couple; we managed to get a few really cute photos to remind us of our holiday together. 

It was really hard to decide what things to do on our last day after doing our two favourite rides, but I was desperate to head back to Fantasyland to just have a look around. It’s my favourite land in the Disneyland Park and I absolutely love all the fairy tale theming. So we made our way back to Fantasyland and went on the Snow White ride (Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains ®), as we hadn’t done that one yet. It’s quite a cute little ride – you go in a mine cart through the magical land of Snow White and discover how the seven dwarfs helped her defeat the evil queen. However, it probably isn’t something I would rush to do again, as I think once you’ve done it once I personally wouldn’t get much from going on it a second time. But I can see it being something that younger children might enjoy (although some parts could be a bit on the scary side). 

We also went back on Peter Pan again because I loved it so much. Although it’s a ride predominantly aimed at younger children, as an adult I thought it was absolutely brilliant and would happily go on it again and again. As we came off the ride, we even saw Captain Hook strolling past us! Sadly he was going too quickly for us to get a photo or autograph. One thing I did notice this time round, compared to our holiday ten years ago, was that there were a lot less characters just wandering around the parks. When we first went to Disney, we were able to meet so many characters (usually the less popular ones) informally, without long queues, to get pictures and autographs from. But this time round, if you did see a character walking around, it was generally because they were going from one place to another and they didn’t hang around to meet guests, which was a real shame. 

Fantasyland and Adventureland are next to each other, so after we’d done what we wanted to do in Fantasyland, we moved through to Adventureland, and headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean. It was probably my Dad’s favourite ride, so we wanted to make sure we did something that he would enjoy as well. Somehow, my Mum managed to get absolutely soaking wet (it’s not a ride you usually get particularly wet on, so I’m not sure how she managed that!) But we had a great time on it nonetheless. And Rosiie and Bekkah decided to do another silly pose for the photo – this time they pretended to fall asleep!

And with that, it was time to say goodbye to the castle (always a sad moment!) and to make our way out of the park. On our way out, Bekkah and I took a few photos in front of the Disneyland Hotel. To get the best photos, you need to go down the set of steps in front of the fountains. Annoyingly there isn’t a ramp to get down there, so I had to leave my wheelchair at the top and get my Dad and Bekkah to help me down the stairs, but it was worth it to get a nice picture with the beautiful hotel in the background. One day, I’m determined I will stay in that hotel, and then perhaps I’ll get a photo of the fountains from my bedroom window!

We made our way back through the Disney Village and stopped off at The Earl of Sandwich to try ‘The World’s Greatest Hot Sandwich.’ Well, Dad and I ordered from there – the others decided to go to McDonalds! I went for a Tuna Melt, and although it didn’t look particularly exciting, it tasted amazing! The restaurant looks out over Lake Disney too, so if you’re looking for somewhere a little bit quieter to eat with a lovely view, I would definitely recommend adding Earl of Sandwich to your list. 

After we’d had a bit of lunch, we went back to the Hotel New York to collect our luggage and wait for the shuttle bus to take us to the Eurostar station. You can walk between the hotel and the station (as we did when we arrived), but we’d accumulated a fair amount of luggage, so decided it would be easier to just get everything on the free shuttle bus. It wasn’t a particularly quick journey, as the bus has to go round all the hotels before it then goes to the station (and gets stuck in traffic) so if you’re thinking of getting the bus, make sure you allow plenty of time!

After going through security and all that jazz at the station, we got on board the Eurostar and made our journey back to London. We were in Standard Premier again, as we needed space to fold the wheelchair up, but it did mean our seats were nice and comfy and that we were given a meal. I was already pretty full up from our big breakfast and then going to the Earl of Sandwich, so I ate my bread roll and drank my Coca Cola, but saved the rest for later. I did just want to say though, that the gluten free brownie was amazing! 

We were all feeling pretty exhausted by the time we got back to London, but thankfully we could just pile into our taxi and head home. I developed the Disney Blues pretty much as soon as the Eurostar set off, so was feeling a bit flat by the time we got back home. After five days of living in a Disney bubble, we had come back to earth with a bit of a bump! But I had the most magical holiday with so many amazing experiences. It was such a nice way to kick off my 30thBirthday celebrations and lovely to be able to spend it with some of my family. I’m already desperate to go back again and am also still keeping my fingers crossed that one day I will make it to Florida too!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my Disneyland Paris holiday. Do let me know if there are any other blog posts you would like to see as well.  And don’t forget, you can also check out my vlogs from our trip on my YouTube channel

Have you been to Disneyland Paris or are you planning a Disney holiday soon? I’d love to hear your favourite things about Disney!

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