Sunday, 4 March 2018

My trip to RHS Wisley

Before I start this post, I thought I’d better warn you that this is going to be pretty photo heavy and fairly word light!

A couple of weeks ago, my Mum, Dad and I headed over to RHS Wisley for a little trip to celebrate my Mum’s birthday. The last time I went there was a few years ago now, but I remembered really enjoying it and thought it would be something that my Mum would love, being a lover of gardens and flowers. I had rung in advance to hire a scooter, as the last time I went we used my manual wheelchair and it was hard work for my Dad! I’m so glad I hired the scooter, as it made getting round so much more relaxing for both me and my parents, so I would definitely recommend doing that if you struggle with your mobility. They ask for a refundable deposit of £5, which I think is fantastically reasonable.

Despite the weather being perfect in the days before (and the days after) our trip, on the day we went it was rather rainy. However, when we arrived at around 11.30am, the car park was still packed, so the rain obviously doesn’t put people off visiting. Luckily the rain seemed to ease off during the day, and it definitely didn’t spoil our visit. The first thing we did after paying to get in, being given my scooter and having a nice lunch in the cafĂ©, was to head over to the huge glasshouse, as we’d heard they had a butterfly exhibit and were desperate to see it. Unfortunately, the butterflies leave after today, but they are an annual thing, and I would wholeheartedly recommend checking them out when they return. It was so lovely going into the tropical climate away from the cold and rain. The glasshouse was full of amazing plants and colourful flowers, so I thought I would share some of my photos with you.

After looking round at the flowers and the waterfall, we made our way into the centre of the glasshouse where the butterflies were living. We moved around really slowly, in total awe of the number and size of the butterflies flying around. I literally felt like I was on some sort of tropical rainforest holiday as butterflies floated silently past my head. I thought I would be a bit jumpy, but they are so delicate and beautiful I relaxed really quickly. I didn’t get many photos of the butterflies unfortunately, as they were so quick! But I did manage to catch a couple while they rested on the trees, as well as a beautiful blue one that took a fancy to me! It first decided to land on the back of my scooter seat and settled for ages, prompting other guests to gather in a circle around me to take their own photos (I felt a little like a zoo attraction!) A bit further around, another one came and settled right on my chest, which was a little scary to start with but I soon began to appreciate just how close I had managed to get to such a beautiful creature. Again, other people gathered around to check it out!

After our time in the glasshouse, we decided to have a look around the rest of the gardens. By this point the rain had pretty much stopped, so it worked out really well, even if it was still a bit chilly. This isn’t the best time to go if you’re hoping to see loads of beautiful flowers outside, as everything still looks fairly green. But we found some adorable little flowers in some of the small greenhouses and a few colours beginning to emerge around the outdoor areas. There were also the snowdrops just starting to fade, and carpets of crocuses covering grassy areas. I definitely want to go back in a few months once everything has come into full bloom, as I’m sure it will look amazing after seeing everything they’ve got growing. As well as a few flowers, there were also quite a few metal sculptures around the grounds, which looked fantastic, especially against the rainy atmosphere. Some of these were available to buy and there were some with a tiny hidden ladybird for guests to find.

We finished our trip with a little look around their garden centre and gift shop (and somehow managed to come away without buying anything, although Mum and I were very tempted!) Overall, we all really enjoyed our day out at RHS Wisley and are already planning our next visit.

Have you been to RHS Wisley before? What are your favourite flowers from my pictures? And what do you think of the butterflies?!

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