Sunday, 6 August 2017

Week in Photos - 6th August 2017

This week has been quite a bit quieter than the last few weeks (or even months!), which is just what I needed, as I’ve been absolutely exhausted. Saying that though, I’ve felt a bit flat if I’m honest. I’d got so used to having to push myself and run on pure adrenaline, that when it actually came to me being able to scale back and rest, everything felt a bit empty. I knew I needed to get some rest and try and get some energy back, but I also needed some things to look forward to and keep me occupied, so I’ve been trying to find a balance. I scheduled a couple of meet-ups/activities this week, but also had days where I didn’t do much at all apart from pottering around at home.

I shared a couple more photos from my trip to Peggy Porschen this week, as they made me smile. The pink cake that I had there was strawberry and champagne (and seriously amazing!) and we also shared a few macarons, which were also very tasty.

Last Sunday, I met up with my friend, Lilli, as she was due to leave for Germany on Monday where she will be working for at least a couple of years. We decided to try out Beatons Tea Room in Crowthorne. I’d heard great things about it but had never got round to trying it. We got there for about 11.45am, so were too early for lunch and too late for the full breakfast menu, but they had an elevenses menu we could order from. They had so many different teas to choose from that it took us quite a while to pick one! But the tea and food were delicious and the setting was really lovely. We had a nice chat and catch-up, and I will definitely be going back there with my Mum to try out the lunch menu.

I’ve wanted to go to the cinema for ages but it’s not always easy to find someone to go with. So towards the end of last week, I messaged my sister-in-law, Emma, to see if she fancied going to see Despicable Me 3 this week, and thankfully she did! So, on Monday afternoon, we went along to our local Vue Cinema to see it. Despite it being the third film in the series, I still really enjoyed it and would definitely watch it again (but then I do have a slight obsession with the Minions and Agnes with her unicorns!)

After the cinema, we decided to treat ourselves to dinner somewhere. It took us a while to choose where to go, as there are quite a few places to choose from in Camberley! But, in the end, we went for Bill’s, which is usually a safe bet for good food and drink. I particularly love their pink lemonade.

During the week when I was just pottering round the house doing odd jobs, Bekkah was looking after her god-daughter, Trinity. So, of course, I had to have some cuddles with her! She’s still so tiny – she is also very smiley and very cuddly. So I got in some practice for when baby Cole arrives in December!

On Thursday, my Mum and I went over to Marks and Spencer as we both needed to get some new bras. After sorting those out, we had a look round the food section and came across these rainbow macarons. Now, I’m never one to pass up a macaron, so when my Mum popped them in our basket I wasn’t going to complain!

Yesterday, Lisa’s sister got married and my Mum and I went along to the ceremony. It was a lovely service and Clare looked beautiful in her dress. Lisa and Richard also looked very smart with Lisa in her bridesmaid dress and Richard in his tweed suit. Thankfully the sun shone when we needed it to and we managed to dodge the crazy showers.

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What have you been up to this week? I always enjoy hearing about your news and adventures!


  1. Sounds like such a perfect week! I'd love to go to Peggy Porscen's - I've heard / seen so many good things and it's definitely a bloggers dream!


    1. Thank you Ali - it was a lovely week. I would definitely recommend Peggy Porschen if you ever get a chance to go! I'd like to go back to try more of their cakes now! xx

  2. Every photo is so cute (I love macarons) and the wedding!! So beautiful
    xx Ele

    1. Ah thank you Ele. The macarons were so good! And the wedding was lovely :) xx

  3. The sweet treats in this post have my mouth watering! That cake looks incredible!

    Sounds like a lovely week and what beautiful weather for a wedding!

    Issy | MissIsGoode

    1. Hehe I'm not surprised - they were very tasty! I would definitely recommend the cake :) We were very lucky with the weather at the wedding! xx