Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Happy Snippets during July

“The most simple things can bring the most happiness” – Izabella Scorupco

Recently, I’ve seen quite a few bloggers (such as the lovely FrannyMac) do posts where they give thanks for little things that have made them happy. I really love reading these posts and thought it was a great concept to work alongside my ‘Happiness Project.’ So I decided to keep a note on my phone of anything that has made me happy during the month of July, so I can share my little happy moments with you here. I think it’s so important to try and find positives, especially when you struggle with depression like I do. It can be very easy to feel like things have been rubbish and nothing good has happened, so by consciously looking for the rainbows amongst the storm clouds, it can help us to realise that there are glimmers of light even in the darkest of days. Here are my happy snippets from July.

·      Having a raspberry lemonade and a catch up with my friend Lilli
·      Receiving a bunch of beautiful sunflowers in the post
·      Louise Pentland’s new book arriving
·      Beautiful sunsets
·      A shopping trip with my Mum and Dad
·      Meeting up with my friend, Lydia, who I met at Stanmore
·      Bubble-gum and marshmallow ice cream by the river in Windsor
·      Celebrating my friend, Sam’s, Hen Do
·      Having all of the family over for a BBQ
·      Cool showers on a hot day
·      Writing letters to some of my penpals
·      Driving my new yellow car
·      Cuddles with Mickey, Rosiie’s horse
·      Surprise cards in the post
·      Yummy Black Forest trifle (shouldn’t have eaten it, so the pain and nausea afterwards we’re great!)
·      Afternoon tea at The Ritz with my Mum
·      Seeing Baby Cole again in Lisa’s 20-week scan
·      Looking around The Vyne National Trust gardens with my Dad and Richard
·      A Champneys spa day with my friend, Katrina
·      Finally getting David and Emma’s wedding video edited
·      Having a really productive morning
·      Spending time with my best friend, Sarah, and her little boy, Charlie
·      Going to the hair salon for a treatment, cut and blow dry
·      Going out for hot chocolate with my Mum
·      Looking around Borough Market for the first time
·      Pink lemonade and cake at Peggy Porschen
·      A really constructive morning of tidying
·      Lunch with my friend, Lilli, before she moves to Germany
·      Checking out my friend, Sam’s, wedding venue with her
·      Disney DVDs with Emma
·      Finally getting round to seeing Despicable Me 3

What did you get up to in July? Do you have any happy snippets to share?


  1. What a lovely blog post! Sometimes it's the little things that bring the most happiness.