Sunday, 7 May 2017

Sunday Snippets - 7th May 2017

This week has mainly been taken up with knuckling down with my university work. I can’t believe I only have one week left of my second year – where is the time going?! So, because of this, I have crazy amounts of deadlines coming up, and if I’m honest I’ve been getting a little stressed. I’m still not feeling particularly well from this horrible virus that’s lingering around and, because I had my operation and have been unwell recently, I’m a lot further behind than I would like. But I’m trying to stay as calm as possible, plan what I need to do and use my energy wisely. This time next week it will all be over, and I will be packing my bags to head off to The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore! I plan to do some posts on my blog about my journey with Stanmore, from referral to the three week rehab programme and onwards, but I’m not going to get anything up before I go. I will keep up with my Sunday Snippets though, so you will hear how I’m getting on while I’m there.

I got up pretty late last Sunday morning, which was much needed. I edited a few photos, watched The Simpsons and wrote and uploaded a blog post. While I had my Fortisip I watched the first episode of Little Boy Blue, which is based on the true story of what happened to Rhys Jones. I spent the rest of the afternoon working on my narrative article. I had such a bad headache, which seems to be a regular occurrence these days. In the evening my Mum, Dad, David, Emma and I went to The Heron on the Lake for dinner. I hadn’t been there in years but the food was really nice. I had this green apple and blood orange sorbet for pudding. But when I got home I was sick, which kind of put a downer on the evening. I really do hate having gastroparesis.

My Mum and I walked down to the May Fayre late Monday morning, with me in my electric wheelchair. Unfortunately it started to pour with rain as soon as we arrived. We met up with my Dad and then watched my Mum sing with ‘The Kitchen Choir.’ When she’d finished we had a look around the rest of the stalls. Despite it raining, the pond on The Green looked really pretty. By that point I was absolutely soaked, so we headed home and I got changed into some warm, dry clothes. After lunch, my Mum and I popped to Camberley and I managed to get a couple of pairs of funky exercise leggings from Sports Direct to take to Stanmore with me. Unfortunately they didn’t have a disabled changing room, so I tried to use the normal one and ended up feeling like I was going to pass out. I came home with another headache and tried to do a bit of Uni work. I’m not sure if I’m having a POTS flare up at the moment, but it feels like my heart keeps skipping a beat and it’s making me feel very strange.

My Dad drove me over to Uni first thing on Tuesday morning. I think I slept for most of the journey – I’m so tired at the moment. I had a voice training session with Amber and Sophie first. Then I saw my tutor and we chatted about my narrative article (and how stressed I am about getting it finished!) I did a bit of work and chatted to the girls for a while – it felt like ages since we’d all had a good catch up! My support worker then took me down to the library and I met up with my mentor to check in on how I’m getting on. My Dad brought me home and I was feeling really unwell. So I had my Fortisip and fell asleep on the sofa for quite a while. I popped out with my Mum so I could post a few letters, then came home, snuggled down with this little man and did some work on my article.

I was up pretty early on Wednesday morning so my Dad could drive me over to Farnham Road Hospital in Guildford. The traffic was awful and it took us nearly an hour and a half. I saw the psychotherapy lady again for more of my assessment. She is another person who questions whether I have the correct diagnosis, but I don’t have any more energy to fight it any more. After chatting for an hour she said she would chat things through with the rest of the team, but that she believes I would benefit from some health psychology input. I came home and spent a while looking through a suitcase of old letters for my article. After lunch, I had my reflexology session and nearly fell asleep I was so relaxed! Once I’d woken up a bit I did some more work to my article. I finally got round to opening my other Secret Spring Santa parcel in the evening (and my new Glamour magazine). More Disney TsumTsums for my collection!

I wasn’t feeling great on Thursday, so just spent the morning watching a bit of TV, doing a few things in my room and resting on the sofa. My Mum and I went to my friend, Katy’s. I did some work on my laptop while my Mum had her nails done. Then I had my eyebrows waxed and had a lovely relaxing facial (not using these products, but these are some that I’m currently using in my routine). On our way home we went to the polling station to vote in the local election, popped into the chemist and also Waitrose. I then had to pick a letter up from the Doctors. When we got home I did some more work to my article. My cough seemed to be getting worse again during the day, which is frustrating.

I got up fairly late on Friday morning, took a few photos and watched some TV. My Mum and I went over to Homesense to have a mooch around and I picked up a couple of bits – this jar to make something with and a cute to-do list to help me keep on top of things. I also wore this flamingo jumper from Next, which I absolutely love. I felt so shattered, so when we got home I rested on the sofa and watched a TV programme I had recorded. I then spent the whole afternoon working on my narrative article. I got up to about 1500 words, so made some good progress. I also did a little bit of filming for a vlog.

My Saturday morning was fairly quiet after a bit of a lie in. I went down to Waitrose with my Mum and bout some peonies – my first of the year! When we got home I rested on the sofa and looked through stuff on my phone for a bit. Then I spent pretty much the whole afternoon writing my article. I’m now up to about 3800 words, which is just over the minimum word count, but I still have quite a lot to write. My friends, Sam and Helen, picked me up at about 6.30pm and we went to The White Lion. We sat outside with our drinks until we got too cold, then went inside for a long chat, including talking about Sam’s wedding, which I’ve been asked to film.

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What have you been up to this week? I always enjoy hearing about your news and adventures!

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