Sunday, 16 April 2017

Sunday Snippets - 16th April 2017

Happy Easter! I hope you’re all having a lovely day and enjoying lots of yummy chocolate! The last week has been pretty up and down. My parents were away for part of it, and while I am so happy that they managed to get away for a break together, I found it hard not having them around. I have also come down with yet another cold/virus thing (seriously, what is going on with my immune system?!) so finding the energy to do anything hasn’t been easy. But it’s been nice to have some time off Uni and to see a few friends and family.

Last Sunday I managed to have a lie-in, which I didn’t expect Jaffa to allow me to have, as I thought he would be pestering me for food! Richard and Lisa came round to collect the bunnies, so I said goodbye to them. I then wrote my Sunday blog post and watched The Simpsons. In the afternoon I ordered my last couple of Easter gifts and then worked on my dissertation proposal. Bekkah and I also watched all three episodes of The Replacement, which was really good. I popped out in the car to post a letter, then filmed myself opening some post for a YouTube video. Alfie decided to help me and looked so cute.

My bleeding heart has started to flower again. It’s one of my favourite plants in our garden and always makes me smile. Considering when it arrived after buying it online we thought it was dead, I can’t believe how huge it’s got!

I’m really loving this month’s Pink Parcel box. It’s such an awesome idea to make that crappy time of the month a little nicer, and I love the little treats you get! I can’t wait to try everything, especially the tiny pudding in a jar.

I put together an Easter basket for my friend, Sarah’s, baby, Charlie, on Monday morning, and also wrapped up Sarah’s Easter gifts. Bekkah and I then went down to Waitrose to get some pudding for the following evening, as we were going round to Richard and Lisa’s. I spent the rest of the morning editing and uploading a YouTube video. I then had lunch and relaxed on the sofa for a bit, whilst doing some work on my dissertation proposal. When Sarah was free, I went over the road to see her. We chatted for a while, played with Charlie, he opened his basket and then I fed him his dinner, which was fun, as his new favourite game is blowing raspberries! So we ended up with food everywhere! When I got home I was feeling exhausted, so crashed out on the sofa.

The April Crown and Glory Glitterati box is full of all things floral and is so pretty.

The Pain Clinic rang me on Tuesday morning and asked if I could get there any earlier than my appointment time, as my doctor was running ahead of schedule! I don’t think I’ve ever been asked to come early before – usually most doctors I see are running late. So Richard came and picked me up and drove me over to Aldershot Centre for Health. I saw my Pain Consultant and he examined me. He wasn’t concerned about the numbness I have from the procedure. The nerves that they stunned are linked to the arms, so he said the procedure can cause side effects down your arms – mine just seem to have been particularly bad. But as the numbness is gradually improving he’s happy that it should continue to get better over the next few weeks, so that was reassuring. Richard dropped me back at home, and then Bekkah and I popped to Waitrose to get a few bits we’d forgotten to pick up on Monday. I’d had a really bad headache since I woke up, so ended up falling asleep on the sofa when we got home. I spent the afternoon working on my dissertation proposal, which really didn’t help with my headache or my stress levels! We all went over to Richard and Lisa’s in the evening for dinner and I gave them their housewarming card and present from Sass and Belle (plus some flowers to go in the jug). All my siblings were there – we laughed a hell of a lot (so much that I ended up with a stitch!) and Lisa made us a lovely meal.

I’m seriously obsessed with this month’s Birchbox pairing with Boden - look at that gorgeous box!! And that £10 gift voucher means I’m going to have to treat myself to something…what a shame!

I was up really early on Wednesday morning, which wasn’t fun, as I didn’t sleep very well and had woken up with a sore throat, cold etc. I had counseling first thing, but struggled to concentrate because I felt so tired. When I got home I probably should have rested, but I wanted to get the house looking nice for when my Mum and Dad got home. So I hoovered the downstairs and made sure things were tidy. I then crashed out on the sofa absolutely shattered and read Sarah in Wonderland’s blogs about her Stanmore journey, as I go in for my three-week hospital stay next month. My friend, Becky, arrived at lunchtime and we had some lunch together. We then spent the afternoon chatting and watching Bridget Jones’ Baby (finally!!) and Beauty and the Beast. My Mum and Dad arrived back from their holiday in Malta late afternoon, and it was so nice to see them and have a hug. I was feeling really poorly in the evening, but thankfully I could rest a bit more now that my parents were home.

I got up on Thursday feeling really poorly with this horrible cold/virus thing. I went down to the Doctors in my electric wheelchair with my Dad. The nurse did my blood pressure lying and standing, and then did my ECG. It took ages because the machine didn’t seem to want to work properly, which always happens with me for some reason. Afterwards we popped into Waitrose so I could get some cash out of the ATM. When we got home I rested on the sofa and did a bit of Uni work. After lunch, my Mum took me round to my friend, Katy’s, and I had a massage, but I found it hard to relax because my nose kept running and I couldn’t breathe! We then went to Waitrose (again!) to do a fairly big shop, and I treated myself to some tulips. When we got home I did some more work on my dissertation proposal – it will be the death of me! I was feeling really rubbish, but this Easter arrangement I bought my Mum from Bunches really brightened the place up.

I got up a lot later than I’d planned on Friday morning, but I obviously needed the sleep. I took some photos of a tea subscription box I’m going to review on here and spent the rest of the morning editing a video for my YouTube channel. My Dad and I watched an episode of Vera while I had some lunch. I then did some work on my dissertation proposal (can you see a theme here?!) and caught up on my Uni emails. My mouth was full of ulcers and I felt so run down and exhausted. But Alfie wearing these bunny ears made me smile.

On Saturday I woke up still feeling pretty awful with this virus. My friend, Sam, popped in to drop something off, so it was nice to see her. I then sorted my video out to upload onto my YouTube channel – it’s a huge collective haul if you fancy checking it out. My Mum and I went down to Waitrose to get a few ingredients for dinner and baking. When we got home, she helped me back some Easter Crème Egg brownies and some Rice Krispie cakes. I felt absolutely exhausted by the time we’d finished, so curled up on the sofa, watched Billionaire Boy, as it was on TV, and ordered some prints from Printiki of David and Emma’s wedding. I’m hoping to make a scrapbook of photos from their wedding, and also Richard and Lisa’s wedding, so I have something to remember them by. In the evening Richard and Lisa came round for dinner, so it was nice to chat to them.

You can check out my YouTube channel here, where I have recently uploaded a few new videos (and hope to continue doing!)

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What have you been up to this week? I always enjoy hearing about your news and adventures!

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