Sunday, 22 January 2017

Sunday Snippets - 22nd January 2017

It’s been a fairly quiet week this week, which has been really lovely. As I was meant to be doing my work experience, I’d kept the week completely clear, so I had no appointments at all. I’ve mainly spent it catching up on jobs I need to do and spending some time with my family. It’s also been absolutely freezing, so when I’ve not been busy doing things, I’ve been curled up on the sofa under a blanket trying to keep warm!

Last Sunday I had a fairly quiet morning sorting out my medication for the week ahead, and then watching TV while I did some blogging. After I’d got my blog post up, I started editing my Christmas vlog that I’m determined to get uploaded before the end of January! In the afternoon I curled up on the sofa and sorted through a load of old magazines whilst watching Not Going Out and The Windsors Christmas special. Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs came on the TV, so I decided to watch it, as I don’t think I’d ever seen it before. I also managed to write quite a few thank you letters. For some reason I felt really wobbly and was finding it hard to breathe. In the evening we all went over to The New Inn for a meal to celebrate Richard, Emma and Callum’s birthdays, which was nice. This Rekorderlig cider is definitely one of my favourites, but they don’t seem to sell this flavor in any supermarkets near me. After dinner, everyone came back to ours so Richard and Emma could open a few presents.

I got up later than I’d planned on Monday, which was a bit annoying but never mind. I rested for a while and caught up on some Snapchat while I waited for my Mum to finish what she was doing. Then we headed over to Camberley, as I had some trousers to take back. We had a look round New Look as I need some smart trousers. I couldn’t find any I liked, but I did get a lovely jumper. We also have a quick look in a couple of other shops, and then went to Costa Coffee for a spot of lunch. I really fancied crumpets, but they seem to have stopped serving them, which is a shame. After lunch we had a look round Primark and I picked up a couple of bits. I was feeling pretty exhausted by that point, so we made our way home and I rested on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon. I also had awful pain at the base of my skull. I’ve had problems with occipital nerve pain for a while and had a nerve block last year, but it’s really flaring up now and I’m finding it hard to find any relief.

I was back at Uni on Tuesday and decided to give a whole day a try. We spent most of the morning talking about the next part of our narrative portfolio and how to get ideas for our story. I’ve got a few ideas but I’m not feeling very inspired at the moment to be honest. In the afternoon we went through some bits on InDesign, as it’s something we will need to use when we put a magazine together, and also when we do our final major project next year. We finished a lot earlier than I’d expected, so I went down to the canteen and replied to some Facebook messages on my laptop while I waited for my Dad to pick me up. I was feeling really low and just wanted to shut myself away and cry. I keep getting all these thoughts that I’m not good enough and that everything is going to go wrong. I really need to find some ways to lift my mood and have some things to look forward to. I opened some post in the evening though, and received this lovely letter from my friend Naomi, which really made me smile.

I had a nice lie in on Wednesday morning, and then it took me ages to get myself ready to do anything. I’m pretty terrible in the mornings to be honest. I think it’s partly down to my illnesses, but also that I’m just not programmed as a morning person. But I did finally manage to get myself sorted, and filmed a couple of videos for my YouTube channel. The first was about my Happiness Project and the second I talked about looking for love with a chronic illness. I haven’t decided if I’ll upload the second one yet, as it’s quite personal, but I hope it might help others in a similar situation, and perhaps make me feel less alone too. My Dad then took me out to take a few outfit photos for my blog. I was sent an outfit by the lovely people at Simply Be and can’t wait to get the photos up on my blog. When I got home, I watched an episode of Silent Witness and checked my Uni emails. Later on, I popped down to Waitrose with my Mum to get a couple of bits.

I managed to get myself up and ready a bit earlier on Thursday morning, which was good. I spent the morning doing a bit of organising in my bedroom, although it doesn’t really look any different! At lunch, I went down to CafĂ© 46 with my Dad and Richard to take some photos for an article I’m writing. We had a bit of lunch too, which was very nice. My Mum popped down when we were just finishing, so I went home with her, as my Dad was going next door to the church to do some work. I had some cuddles with Xena (one of our cats) and then snuggled up on the sofa, watched Death in Paradise and checked through some emails. After it had finished, I put an episode of Silent Witness on and wrote a couple of penpal letters. I was feeling pretty sad and lonely in the evening.

Friday was a bit stressful to say the least! I actually got up on time, but for some reason ended up running later for Uni (we did almost forget my wheelchair, as it was in the wrong car, which probably didn’t help!) My morning lecture went OK – we talked about the UK political system and rules for reporting during an election, which was actually more interesting than I thought it would be. At lunch, I met up with my mentor and we chatted about how the last week has gone. After that, things got a bit more stressful. My support worker took me up to the classroom for our Law lecture, and my friends and I got ourselves ready to start. Then a lady came in and was extremely rude, basically telling us it was her room and we needed to get out. We asked her if she knew where we were meant to go (we’ve been in that room every week since September) and she just told us she didn’t know and had no idea who we even were. So I started trying to get my wheelchair sorted out so I could leave, when she then pretty much shouted at us and said, “Can you do that somewhere else and get out now!” I wish I’d spoken up looking back, but I just felt really embarrassed. Our tutor turned up and had no idea we’d been kicked out of our room, so we then had to find out where we were meant to go. When we finally found our room, we discovered it was only accessible via a flight of stairs. So our tutor and course leader then had to spend ages arguing with the Uni to find us a suitable room, and when they did, the heating was broken and it was freezing. I just felt really small and like a complete nuisance (because of the Uni, not my tutors – they were great). I came home feeling quite wobbly – I don’t normally let things like that get to me, but for some reason I got really upset about it this time. When I got home I opened some post – a letter from Stanmore, which I was initially really excited about because it’s my admission date for their three-week rehab. But it’s for the 2nd May, which I can’t do. I checked through my past letters and they’d actually written in my assessment that they would offer me from mid-May onwards, so I need to ring them and try to sort it out. This chap gave me some lovely cuddles though, which definitely helped make my day a bit better.

On Saturday I woke up pretty late with a sore throat and feeling like I’m coming down with another cold. But my Mum asked if I wanted to go out to try and get some smart trousers for when I do work experience, so I thought I’d give it a go. We went over to Next and had a lool round. Thankfully it wasn’t too crowded and I managed to find a few things that I liked. I was quite excited as well because they’re opening a Paperchase in the store, which I’m sure I’ll make good use of! We popped into Costa for a bit of lunch, although I was disappointed that they had no gluten-free sandwich options. After lunch, we went next door to Tesco to pick up a few essentials. It was quite busy, so I was glad we didn’t need to get much. I felt really tired by the time we got home, so I curled up on the sofa with Freddie and had a rest. I also got myself a cup of tea in my cute cat mug.

I thought I would share a photo of our little Xena from when we were having cuddles earlier in the week. She’s such a sweetie.

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