Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sunday Snippets - 6th March 2016

The last week seems to have flown by, and I’m not quite sure how I’m already writing another Sunday Snippets. I’ve only got a couple of weeks left at Uni before Easter, so things are getting pretty manic with deadlines all approaching. At the moment I feel a bit like I’m trying to spin a whole host of plates – when I feel like I’m getting on top of one thing, I suddenly realise there’s something else that needs to be done too. But I’m getting there slowly (I hope!) I’ve been having a lot of problems with severe nausea again this week, which isn’t much fun. It’s something I have suffered with for years, but sometimes it’s bearable and other times (like now!) it’s just incredibly overwhelming. So that’s been making things a bit more of a challenge, but I keep plodding on.

Last Sunday was quite a nice day – in the morning I got to catch up with one of my closest friends, Sarah. We first met at preschool, and then her family moved in across the road from me. From day one we were pretty much inseparable, spending every spare minute together doing all sorts of things including marathon sessions on her Nintendo 64 and various arts and crafts. I was a bridesmaid at her wedding and although she has now moved to live with her husband in West Sussex, we still chat via text most days. So it was lovely when she told me she was coming back to see her parents at the weekend, and we arranged to get together on Sunday morning. We had a big catch-up and it was so nice to just be able to chat face-to-face. When I came home I spent some time working on my blog. I then curled up on the sofa to watch Finding Nemo (is anyone else ridiculously excited about Finding Dory coming out in July?!) and filled in the forms I was sent to reapply for my driving license. We actually got some post as well, which is very unusual, but I was happy because it was my new heat pack. I’m having a lot of problems with my neck – ever since my seizure it has been a lot more painful, so I’m hoping this will provide some relief.

On Monday morning I went to have my hair cut, which I always enjoy, but I could barely keep my eyes open and kept having dizzy spells, so that spoilt it a bit. Afterwards, I popped to the newsagent next door to get a passport photo for my driving license forms. These photos must be the most unflattering photos in existence! I came home and spent a few hours working on my Uni essay, which I’m slowly making progress on. In the afternoon I had an appointment with my GP. My iron levels have gone up a tiny bit, but they’re still very low so I’m back on the iron tablets at a higher dose in the hope it will help. She said it’s likely I will have to take them on a long-term basis, so that’s another medication to add to my ever-growing list! We also chatted about a few other things and she started me on another new medication as well. I then had an appointment for an ECG, as the last one didn’t work. They couldn’t get a reading again, so called my GP in, but she didn’t understand why it was only giving half a reading. It had been working fine all day and both the nurse and my GP said they’d never seen a reading like it! So I was sent away again and told I would get a phone call once my GP had spoken to the other doctors in the practice. I was writing some birthday cards during this afternoon and found this pretty ‘happy times’ lettering on the back of one of them, which I thought fitted in quite well with my happy photo theme.

I had an early start on Tuesday with another physio appointment. This time he showed me how to use a TENS machine, as they’re lending me one to try out for a few weeks. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but the setting he used on me felt OK so I’m hoping it might give me a bit of a relief from the pain. I then spent a couple of hours working on my essay for Uni, and finally managed to get the plan finished and submitted. My Mum then took me to the hospital to see my mental health care co-ordinator. We ended up chatting for nearly an hour and a half, but I just feel that nothing I say is taken very seriously any more. I just get the feeling that because I’ve been unwell for so long, they start to lose interest a bit and think I should be able to cope by now, but that’s really not the case. If anything, it seems to get harder the longer it goes on. I did get a little bit irritated by something she said, which is a shame because up until now she seems to have been quite understanding. I told her how much I was struggling with eating disorder related things, and her response was “but you’re not losing weight are you?” It just upset me because how are we meant to get the general public to understand that eating disorders aren’t all about being underweight when even professionals don’t get it? Anyway, after that I had a long chat with my Mum on the way home, which helped a bit. I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on Gogglebox and checking my blog emails. Alfie was fast asleep on the other sofa and looked so cute and peaceful.

On Wednesday I had a completely free day, which is pretty rare and so was very nice and much needed! I had a bit of a lie-in and woke up to torrential rain and wind, which put my plans for the day out of the window. I had planned to take some outfit photos outside for a Uni project and my blog, but it wasn’t going to happen. But I really needed to get at least one photo for Uni, so I did my make-up (I need to master doing my eyebrows, as it’s something I don’t currently do but I think it would make a difference) and my Dad took some snaps of me inside. I wasn’t that happy with them, but I had to work with what I had. I then filmed a doggy themed video for my YouTube channel (twice, because I forgot to switch the microphone on the first time!), before collapsing on the sofa and falling asleep. I really wanted to film a second video and get some editing done, but had completely run out of energy. So in the end I curled up on the sofa and wrote a few penpal letters.

Thursday is my full day at Uni, so quite a contrast to my chilled out Wednesday. In the morning I spent quite a long time working on an article about the EU referendum for the newspaper we are all putting together. At lunch, I went to Costa (not Starbucks this time!) with a few friends, which was a nice break from being in the classroom and we all had a good chat. Then in the afternoon we worked on the layout of the newspaper and tried to start working out a page order. I drew this very rough little plan for the fashion spread I’m doing with my friend, Nina. As you can probably tell, I’m not an artist! It was really good to get home, as I was completely shattered by the end of the day. I fell asleep on the sofa for a while and then just spent the evening chilling out and watching YouTube videos.

I managed to have quite a relaxed day on Friday, which was lovely after my busy Thursday. I had a pretty quiet morning, which was nice, and then late morning my Dad drove me over to Uni so I could meet up with my learning mentor. We went through all the work I still have left to do, and talked through anything I was worried about, which is always really helpful. I didn’t have an afternoon lecture like I usually do, so while we were over that way my Dad and I went to the disability equipment shop, as I’d had a phone call to say the electric wheelchair had come in. I had a bit of a play with it and it seems pretty good. The only problem is it’s really heavy to lift, even if they separate it into smaller parts, which means it’s unlikely I will be able to go out on my own in my car and use the chair. So we’re going to do a bit more research to see if there’s anything else out there that might be easier for me to lift. We then headed over to my brother, David’s, flat on our way home, had a peek at his new sofa and then he came home with us. In the afternoon I managed to get a blog post up and almost finished editing a video for my YouTube. I then had another appointment at the doctors for an ECG, and this time we just about managed to get a reading – third time lucky! I know my photos are a bit dog heavy this week, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture of Alfie cuddled up with his teddy!

Yesterday was really lovely, as for once, I decided to try and put thoughts of Uni work out of my head. I had a nice lie-in and leisurely breakfast, which I think is what weekends should be all about. I chilled out with the dogs for a bit and chatted to my Mum, and she then took me down to Waitrose so I could pick up some crusty bread for lunch. After chilling out a bit more in front of The Simpsons, my friend Becky arrived. I introduced her to the dogs, and we played with them for a while. After a yummy lunch, we settled down on the sofa to watch ‘In her shoes’ – an afternoon of chick flicks is always good! We also chatted away and treated ourselves to a Mini Eggs cake, which was yummy. Unfortunately, after Becky left I felt really unwell, probably because I’d tried to eat things I shouldn’t, so that wasn’t much fun. It’s difficult because there are so many things I’ve been told not to eat, but even if I just eat what I’m meant to, I still feel unwell, so sometimes I just lose my motivation to follow the strict diet I’ve been advised to stick to. Plus the fact I just want to have a life and enjoy food like everyone else does. Trying to recover from an eating disorder and having gastroparesis is proving rather difficult to say the least. I had a quiet evening enjoying a soak in the bath and curling up on the sofa with some YouTube videos.

If you haven’t read my blog before, I just wanted to let you know that I have a second blog, which mainly focuses on my health in more depth than I talk about it here. It’s largely for friends and family to follow and keep up with what’s going on, but if it’s something you would be interested in reading as well, you are more than welcome to follow me over there. I’ve actually changed the name from Unicorns and Floral Crowns to ‘Zebra Crossing’ and you can find it by clicking here. I’ve also finally managed to update it, so there’s actually something for you to read now! And I’m hoping to keep updating it more regularly from now on. I’m also trying to post on Snapchat a bit more, so if you fancy following me, my username is Jennycole44.

What have you been up to this week? I always enjoy hearing about your news and adventures!

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