Friday, 4 March 2016

NIVEA Micellar Water range*

I’m a big fan of Micellar Water, having now tried quite a few different brands, so I’m always excited when I find one I haven’t used before. When I received an email from the people at NIVEA telling me about their new range of Micellar Waters, I was desperate to give them a go, and when they offered to send me a couple to test and tell you about I jumped at the chance! NIVEA is a brand I’ve been using for more years than I can remember, and their products have always been kind to my sensitive skin. It was great to see that with this new range comes a selection of three products, to make sure there is something to suit every skin type.

For anyone that hasn’t heard of Micellar Water or has never really understood how it works, Micelles are microscopic, gathered molecules that are both “water-loving” (hydrophilic) and “fat-loving” (lipophilic). Together, this combination removes water-soluble and water-insoluble impurities like dirt and make-up while caring for the skin’s natural barrier. This new NIVEA Micellar Water range effectively cleanses skin while caring for it too.

One of the great things about these cleansers is that they are fragrance-free, and are suitable for use around the delicate eye area too. For me, this is a massive bonus, as I really struggle to find products that don’t irritate my eyes. You apply them morning and evening by gently massaging into the skin with a cotton pad, with no need to rub or rinse. I’ve been using the ones I was sent for a few weeks now and really love just how gentle yet effective they are. They are fantastic at removing make-up but they haven’t irritated my skin at all, and leave my face feeling fresh and clean, ready for the rest of my skincare routine.

As I mentioned earlier, there are three different products to choose from:

This is the one to choose if you have sensitive skin. It effectively cleanses whilst also reducing the three main signs of sensitive skin: redness, dryness and tightness. The formula contains Dexpanthenol (pro-vitamin B5) and Grape Seed Oil, which helps the skin retain moisture, promotes normal skin cell regeneration and reduces tightness and dryness. I have found that quite a few cleansers and Micellar Waters leave my face feeling tight, which I really hate, so I’m really happy to have found a product that doesn’t do that.

Pick this one if you have dry skin – it’s perfect for dehydration-prone skin. The formula is enriched with Natural Almond Oil, which effectively protects, nourishes and soothes dry skin. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft, but still effectively removes make-up and cleanses the skin’s surface. I don’t have particularly dry skin, but this still left my face feeling nourished and glowing.

If you have normal skin, then this is the one for you! It contains Vitamin E – a known antioxidant and something that I religiously use on my skin. The formula acts as a natural barrier against the elements and removes all traces of make-up. I haven’t been able to try this one yet, but based on the other two I have high hopes.

Overall I am really impressed with these new products from NIVEA, and really appreciate being given the opportunity to try them out. If you like the sound of them or just want to give them a try, you can currently find them at Boots for roughly half-price (£1.84) – just click on the one you want to try and it will take you straight to the website!

Do you use a Micellar Water as part of your skincare routine? Do these new NIVEA products appeal to you, or can you recommend something else I can try?

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