Friday, 18 September 2015

Veronica Dearly V Gd Fun Club September Box

I like to try and vary my content on here over the week, but just at the moment I have so many awesome subscription boxes to unbox with you! I thought it would be better to tell you about them as soon as I get them, as I know when I’m reading a blog I always love to feel that I’m hearing about the very latest products, rather than finding out about them after everyone else. So, before I spend too much longer trying to explain how my brain thinks (we could be here a while!) I’ll get on to today’s box – The V Gd Fun Club by Veronica Dearly. You won’t have heard anything about this stationery subscription box here before, as it’s a pretty brand new idea!

This is actually the second box I’ve received now, but by the time I got round to posting about August’s box, September was already upon us! The basic idea is that this is a monthly subscription box for people who love stationery (who doesn’t?!) If you haven’t heard of Veronica Dearly before, she makes unique cards, mugs, desk organisers and even tea towels – everything you could possibly want. Her designs are quirky and funny, so if you’re looking for something a bit different I’d definitely recommend checking out her online store. Now, onto this month’s box. This box is small and compact, and I’m pretty sure it can fit through a letterbox, but I must admit I haven’t tried that out so don’t hold me to it! I opened mine to find the contents wrapped in black crepe paper with a fun Veronica Dearly ‘I love fun’ heart sticker.

After carefully unwrapping the paper (is it just me who tries not to rip it so I can use it again?!) there is a paper booklet and a business card, which can be shared with a friend – you even get a discount voucher if you can persuade them to sign up. Inside the booklet is a bit of information about the club, as well as some fun photo challenges to take part in on social media. You’ve probably already seen for yourself, but everything inside these boxes is great for photos to fill your Instagram feed with.

Each box will contain a few cards and another special gift. This month’s extra product was this cute pencil case and tiny heart shaped eraser – perfect for those of you heading back to school or university.

Finally, at the bottom of the parcel was a pile of four different cards, each with an original design, which I’m pretty sure you will never find in a mainstream card store. I really loved this month’s cards, and as I looked through them when I first opened the box, I already had ideas of which friend I could send each one to (although saying that, there is a big part of me who just wants to keep them all to make my room look pretty!)

Overall I thought this was a great idea for a subscription box. It’s different but fun, and despite it only being a fairly recent creation, there is already a lovely little community of members building up on social media. What’s even more great is that this comes in at a bargain rate of only £10 a month, which I think is brilliant for a monthly subscription.

If like me, you’re a stationery fanatic, head on over to Veronica Dearly’s website here where you can find out more about becoming a member of her V Gd Fun Club or just browse her online store for some goodies.

Have you heard of Veronica Dearly before? Have I managed to tempt you into joining up?!

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  1. This blog post has definitely tempted me to get this 😊 What was in last month's box?

    1. I apologise for making you spend money Libby hehe! Erm, off the top of my head I can't remember, but the cards were equally as fun :) xx