Monday, 23 February 2015

The Glitterati - February 2015

Just before Christmas I came across the most amazing website ever – Crown and Glory, who sell a massive selection of gorgeous hair accessories. If you like sparkle and glitter, then I can guarantee you will be a Crown and Glory fan. So, before Christmas I ordered myself a couple of bits and wore them religiously over the holidays. After doing a bit more browsing on their website, I found out that they did their very own monthly subscription box – The Glitterati, and I knew I had to sign up there and then.

A couple of weeks later my first box arrived, wrapped up in silver glittery tape – to say I was excited is a definite understatement! So, I thought I would share with you what I found inside. The first thing you find when you open up the box and undo the tissue paper is a little card that tells you what everything is and its monetary value – you definitely get great value for money with these boxes!

Rummaging around in this box of goodies, I pulled out the following pieces, all on a Valentine’s theme for the month of February.

Glitter Heart Bandeau

Heart Print Bow Headband

Confetti Heart Fascinator

Holographic Heart Snap Clips

Love Bobby Pin

As if this wasn’t enough, right at the bottom was a heart lollipop and a really cute Veronica Dearly card – my first Valentine’s Day card! I absolutely loved this box and I’m so excited to start wearing my pieces.

Are you a Glitterati subscriber? Or have I managed to tempt you into joining up?!

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