Saturday, 21 February 2015

Quote of the Day

As you may remember from previous posts, I have started working with a great little company called IttyBitty Book Company. They produce the cutest little books, filled with inspirational quotes for any situation. In my work with them, I’ve decided that every other week I will share a quote with you that I feel applies to my life at that particular time. I love quotes and often turn to them when I need some motivation and inspiration, so I hope that by doing this I can help to inspire some of you too.

“Do it today or regret it tomorrow”

I found this quote in the Motivation book, and decided to look in that book because I’m really struggling to motivate myself at the moment. I don’t know if it’s my depression that’s making things rather difficult, but I just can’t seem to get myself going at the moment. I’ve got so much to do – college work, blogging, vlog stuff, tidying my room – and it’s actually starting to feel quite overwhelming, but can I get myself started? No! This quote really stood out to me, because I’m very good at saying ‘Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow’ and then when tomorrow comes, I’m either so stressed out because there’s even more pressure on me to do it, or I just freak out completely and put it off another day. I need to use this quote to remind myself that, if you do put things off there will be consequences. I think this could also apply to taking chances though. I’m quite conservative in some ways, and when opportunities come up for something slightly different I’m very good at saying no, and then regretting it the next day. I think this quote is trying to say that we have to take chances sometimes and do things today, because otherwise tomorrow we will regret the fact that we didn’t do it.

What quotes inspire you when things are difficult?

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  1. I like this quote, i love disney quotes =]