Thursday, 26 February 2015

My Little Frenchie Box

If you’ve been following my series of unboxing posts about ‘My Little Box’ you’ll know how much people are raving about this subscription box service. They started off just sending boxes out to people in France and Japan, but now they’ve come over to the UK and I must say I’m incredibly glad! I was so excited waiting for my next box to arrive, so when the postman finally delivered it I was quick to tear open the packaging!

As with previous boxes, on the inside lid of the brown box was a cute little illustration saying ‘Being unafraid of not being liked is the best way to be liked.’ I really love these little quote stickers – I just think they add something extra to the box and you can also peel them off and use them in your scrapbooking or on an inspiration board. The February Box is labelled the Frenchie Box, which I was a little concerned about because they’ve already done a Paris box and I was worried they might be a bit similar. As always, it was displayed beautifully and tied together with a bow.

The first thing I found when I undid the ribbon was another A5 print, this time of a French lady carrying a red bag and the quote ‘Life is never what it seems – and that’s the great thing about it.’ I really love the idea of these prints, although I’m still trying to decide what to do with the ones I’ve collected so far. They would look great put in a frame and hung in an office, or it might just be nice to keep hold of them to look through when you’re in need of some inspiration. In this months box I also received the ‘My Little World’ A5 magazine, which I’m really looking forward to flicking through. From what I’ve seen so far, it seems to have a whole range of articles to read.

Underneath the print and magazine was a little red box, and inside was a small glass jar with a cork lid and string tied round it. Inside are lots of little scrolls in red and blue, rolled up and tied. Each scroll has an inspirational quote on it – some are in French though, which is a bit of a shame, as I have no idea what they say! However, overall I think it’s such a cute idea and I’m looking forward to reading all the quotes.

The next thing I found in the box was this navy blue box with a Smartphone case inside. It’s quite a sleek design, although is probably a little big and bulky for my liking, but I’ll certainly give it a try and see if I get on with it.

The final thing I found in My Little Box this month were the cosmetics. They came, like last month, in a cute little cotton bag, which is always such great quality.  I just wish I knew what to do with all these bags I’m accumulating! The first thing I picked up was the Oil Blotting Paper. It’s not something I’ve ever really had a need for before, but perhaps with summer on its way it might come in handy. Next up was this L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper, which I’m looking forward to using, as I’ve never really done an awful lot with my eyebrows before, apart from getting them waxed. There was then a Khol Crayon Eyeliner, which looks like it’s a sort of black colour with gold flecks, but I’ll see when I actually try it. Then came the ‘My Little Beauty’ offering, which, this month was face tint cream, which should be nice to use, especially with my pale skin!

So, that’s everything that came in My Little Frenchie Box this month. I’m really glad that this box was a lot better than last month’s box, as I was a bit disappointed last month. However, my faith has been restored – I like the cosmetics and am looking forward to trying them, and I thought the glass jar was a really cute idea. As always, I’m already looking forward to next month’s box arriving!

Are you a fan of My Little Box? Or is there another subscription box that you would recommend?

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  1. I am a fan of my little box but unfortunately i cant afford it, but they are pretty =]

    1. They are definitely a bit of an unnecessary splurge aren't they?! But you're right, they're very pretty xx