Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday Spotlight - 21st December 2014

In my life this week…

Christmas meals

I really do love the run-up to Christmas, perhaps even more so than the actual day itself. Being at college this year has been lovely because I’ve actually had people to celebrate the build up with! This week we decided that it would be nice to go out for a Christmas lunch in between two of our lessons, so on Wednesday lunchtime we headed over to Wetherspoons and enjoyed their Christmas lunch, which included a free drink. In retrospect, having an alcoholic drink at lunchtime wasn’t the best of ideas, especially with the medication I’m on, but even so, we all had a lovely time forgetting about our studies for a couple of hours. Then on Thursday our college were offering a Christmas lunch, so some of us decided we would go for this lunch as well! I was actually pleasantly surprised by the quality of the lunch, which was actually nicer than the more expensive meal we had at Wetherspoons! It’s safe to say that I have probably eaten enough to last me until Christmas, but it was nice to spend some social time with some of my college girls.

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End of term

I actually felt a bit emotional on Thursday afternoon, as it was the end of my first term at college. I think what made me emotional was the fact that I am actually damn proud of myself for managing a whole term on this college course. It hasn’t been the best of years, I’ve needed two pretty major operations and my physical health has deteriorated a lot, but as my GP said to me earlier this week, no matter how bad things get I never seem to give up. I’m hoping that’s a good thing?! It’s been a killer of a term and if I’m totally honest it has really taken its toll on my health, but I’ve done it and I’m still alive at the other end. I got some assignments back this week and was surprised to see I had done really well in them, which has made me feel a little better about what I’m doing. And I was offered my first University interview this week as well, so things are gradually coming together. I know the rest of the course is going to be just as hard, but I’m trying to use the support I do have to help me along the way. But, for now, I will be enjoying having two weeks at home, celebrating and relaxing with my family and friends.

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Christmas is the time for traditions and in actual fact I don’t really have that many. I mean we have a variety of Church services that we go to every year, and our Christmas Day is always fairly similar, but apart from that I’m pretty flexible. However, one thing that I do always do is go and stay with one of my best friends, who lives in West Sussex. Usually I manage to go down at the beginning of December and we put up her decorations and just have a really Christmassy weekend, but unfortunately this year I haven’t been able to get down to her until this weekend. So obviously she’s already got her tree up, but we’re still spending the weekend watching Christmas films and doing some Christmassy crafts. I always feel so much more festive after spending the weekend with her.

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What has grabbed your attention this week? I love hearing about people’s new discoveries and you may end up sharing something that makes it onto my list next week!

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