Tuesday, 23 December 2014

My Little Box with Fleur de Force

If you saw my last post about ‘My Little Box’ you’ll know how much people are raving about this latest subscription box service. They started off just sending boxes out to people in France and Japan, but now they’ve come over to the UK and I must say I’m incredibly glad! I was so excited waiting for my next box to arrive, especially after seeing some spoilers, so when the postman finally delivered it I was quick to tear open the packaging!

As with the previous box, on the inside lid of the brown box was a cute little illustration saying ‘Christmas Cheer Loading.’ I think this is such a nice finishing touch and I’m going to keep this sticker and use it when I do my scrapbooking. The December Box has been made in collaboration with the lovely Fleur de Force, so I was really excited to see what Fleur had chosen to feature in this month’s box. As always, it was displayed beautifully and tied together with a bow.

The first thing I found when I undid the ribbon was another A5 print, this time of a lady sitting down either wrapping or unwrapping Christmas presents and the quote ‘Christmas isn’t a season it’s a feeling.’ I really love the idea of these prints and particularly like this one. They would look great put in a frame and hung in an office, or it might just be nice to keep hold of them to look through when you’re in need of some inspiration. In this months box I also received the ‘My Little World’ A5 magazine with a beautiful photo of Fleur on the front (does anyone else really want her white jumper?!), which I’m really looking forward to flicking through. From what I’ve seen so far, it seems to have a whole range of articles to read.

Underneath the print and magazine was this pouch labelled ‘Present for you’ and inside was this gorgeous grey knitted headband with gold detail sewn all the way through. I’m still trying to work out how I can wear it without looking daft, but it will certainly keep my ears warm through the winter.

Another cute addition to this month’s box are these crafty bits and pieces. There is a range of different masking tapes with pretty patterns on them, some black and white string and some cute gift tags. If you flick through the magazine you’ll find some instructions for different projects you can do with these bits and pieces, which is a nice idea, especially for this time of year.

The final thing I found in My Little Box this month were the cosmetics. They came, like last month, in a cute little cotton bag, with the words ‘Do All Things With Love’ on the front. The first thing I picked up was the Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion, which I’m really looking forward to using as it’s a brand I’ve wanted to try for quite a while. Next up was this gorgeous ‘Precious Cream’ from the brand L’Occitaine, which again, I’m looking forward to trying out as I’ve heard great things about it. Then came the ‘My Little Beauty’ offering, which, this month, was a lipstick in a beautiful shade of pink, which I’m looking forward to trying as I’m really getting into using lipsticks at the moment and always love to try something new.

So, that’s everything that came in My Little Box with Fleur de Force this month and I’m really happy with it, as it has a nice range of products and I particularly love the craft additions. I’m already so excited about next month’s box and I’m keeping my eyes peeled for spoilers!

Are you a fan of My Little Box? Or is there another subscription box that you would recommend?

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