Thursday, 4 December 2014

Lilly and Belle

Since I started blogging I’ve come across so many amazing small businesses, and something I’ve tried to do is share some of my favourites with you. I think it’s so important to support small businesses and you can get some really individual products for such a reasonable price. Whilst browsing on Instagram recently, I came across Lilly and Belle and was blown away by the beautiful products they offer. So I decided to contact the lovely Zuzana and ask her if she would be interested in working with me on my blog, and thankfully she said yes!

A few weeks later I was greeted by the most gorgeous parcel in the post, filled with handmade goodies from Lilly and Belle. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of Zuzana and the thought and care that went into making my products.

The toys came in little mesh bags and were finished off with hand-drawn and coloured labels, which I think are absolutely beautiful. Zuzana must spend so much time on her labels and it really does finish the parcel off nicely.

I was sent three products to review – a pink bunny, a gorgeous snowman and a doll bag charm. I can honestly say they are simply beautiful. They are made to a really high quality and would be great as gifts or just to keep for you. I see a lot of people making crocheted products, but if you’re looking for quality and a nice size then I would definitely recommend choosing Lilly and Belle. There are so many other options available from cupcakes to dolls and from a wolf to a bunny ballerina. Zuzana is also extremely accommodating and friendly, so I’m sure if you had an idea she would be only too happy to work with you.

I thought you might like to know a little bit more about Zuzana and her company, so I asked her a few questions and found out that she is from the capital of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava. Zuzana says she has always loved being creative – her Mum used to create things with them when they were small kids and so it has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. She is currently a stay-at-home Mum and has a 2-year-old son called Adam. Before this she studies Law and with her work being not very creative, she decided to use creativity as a way to relax at home. Since becoming a Mum she doesn’t have the time and patience to work on sewing a piece of clothing over a period of days, so began to concentrate on things she could do more quickly like wedding accessories, toys and decorations.

Beside sewing and crochet, Zuzana likes to knit, makes things from polymer clay and decorates cakes. She only learnt to crochet this April and has loved it ever since! Her Etsy shop was established in 2012, just to try it out at first. She says she would like to be more successful in her shop, but with having a 2-year-old son her working hours can be anything between 10pm and 2 am! So, needless to say, it usually takes her more than one session to make anything!

From talking to Zuzana and reviewing her products I have got such a good feeling about her shop, which is obviously why I have decided to share it with you. With Christmas coming up I thought now would be the perfect time to introduce you to her beautiful products, which would make a great gift for anyone.

Have you ever ordered from Lilly and Belle? Or do you have your own Etsy shop?

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  1. They are SO cute! It's great when you find those amazing small businesses <3
    Love VictoriaJanex

    1. They are aren't they Vicki - I would definitely recommend them if you're ever looking for gifts or anything :) xx