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Blogger of the Month - SoFairIsShe

I really hope you’re enjoying this series of posts and that perhaps you’ve discovered a new blog or two to follow. It’s so hard to just pick one blogger a month because there are so many great bloggers out there – I’ve got a list longer than my arm of candidates for my blogger of the month award! If you have a particular blogger you’ve been loving recently, I’d love to hear about them.

So, let me introduce you to my December Blogger of the Month; Charlie Joe over at SoFairIsShe.

I first discovered Charlie via her YouTube channel, which I’m really enjoying following at the moment! Charlie tends to upload more often on YouTube, but she does occasionally update her blog as well, so I like to follow both, and thought I’d share with you a few things that make her a blogger to watch.


Charlie is a friendly and warm 19-year-old from Suffolk, studying fashion in London and her personality comes across really well, both through her blog and on her YouTube channel. She seems like a really likeable person, which is probably why I enjoy watching her videos so much, because I feel like I can really relate to her.

Make-up reviews

Like most of us bloggers, Charlie loves make-up, and she does some brilliant reviews on both her blog and YouTube channel. Her photos are beautiful and really capture what the make-up is like, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do when it comes to make-up.

Eating out

Being a student, Charlie likes to enjoy student life by eating out in nice bars and restaurants. Her blog post about her visit to Bill’s restaurant particularly swayed me, as one has just opened up near me and I’ve heard they are quite good at doing gluten free options. Her photos definitely did the yummy food justice and I can’t wait to try it out for myself!


I think I can particularly relate to Charlie’s love of shopping and she enjoys sharing her hauls on YouTube for us all to see. She also gets invited to exclusive events, so it’s always fun to see what she’s been up to recently.


I always find it interesting to hear about other people’s experiences of blogging, so I was interested to read Charlie’s post about her return to blogging after having a break. I’m really hoping she might do some future posts about her experiences of blogging and perhaps pass on some of her experience to the rest of us.


Charlie recently did a really helpful post about what she takes with her when she’s travelling – kind of like a ‘What’s in my Bag’ but for travels. I really like this kind of post, possibly because I’m so nosy! But it’s always fun seeing what other people carry around with them in their bag.


Some of my favourite posts on Charlie’s blog are those when she shares her favourite new outfits. I always find these types of posts helpful in finding things for myself to wear, and we seem to have a similar taste in fashion so I feel that I can look to her for inspiration. Her photos are natural and inspiring, which really help to lift the posts off the page.

Make-up tutorials

I have to admit I’m still pretty new to the whole make-up thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used make-up since I was in my early teens, but I’ve only ever stuck to very plain and natural looks and always stuck with what I know. But since I’ve started blogging I’m trying to become more adventurous with the products I use, so I particularly liked Charlie’s make-up tutorial for this gorgeous glittery eye. After all, who can resist a bit of glitter?!


Although Charlie is a blogger, she mainly vlogs these days, and YouTube is the best place to keep up with her. I absolutely love her relatable videos about everything from fashion and beauty to her daily life. I’m always checking back on YouTube to see if she’s uploaded a new video and always make time to watch them when she has.

So, that just about sums up my Blogger of the Month for December. If you’ve not checked out SoFairIsShe before I really hope I’ve helped convince you to and that you’ve found a great new blogger to follow.

I love to find new blogs to follow, so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them.

All images are from SoFairIsShe's blog

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