Friday, 31 October 2014

October Monthly Round Up

A collection of things that happened in the month of September

Yet another month has flown by and I can’t believe we’re now all starting to think about Christmas. I’m sure we’ve only just had the summer holidays! This month has been another busy one, but thankfully I’m on half term at the moment, so am finally getting a bit of rest. At the beginning of the month I celebrated my 26th Birthday. I really hate getting older and can’t believe I’m in my mid-twenties – I still feel like a teenager! But I had a lovely birthday, celebrating with family and friends, so it wasn’t all bad!

As part of my birthday celebrations, my Dad and I went for a little day out to RHS Wisley, which was absolutely lovely. I’d never been before, but love garden centres and looking at pretty flowers, so this was a perfect trip out. It’s a massive place and we didn’t get a chance to see everything, but we had a lovely few hours mooching around the various gardens and greenhouses looking at an amazing range of flowers.

Our little man Freddie had an operation this month and he coped really well. It was a planned operation and nothing to worry about, but the poor thing got an infection afterwards so had to wear his ‘cone of shame’ a lot longer and was put on antibiotics. He was so cute when he came home from his op – still drugged up and wobbly. He needed lots of extra cuddles and pampering but after nearly a month he’s now back to his normal self, rushing round the house and garden!

A while ago I decided that I wanted to collect all the Disney DVDs, from 1-100 (or however many there are!) But for quite a while I only had one DVD, Tangled. Then this month I had an email from Amazon saying they were selling two Disney DVDs for £13, and I knew I couldn’t pass up on such a good offer. So, I decided to get my collection off the ground with four of my favourite DVDs. Believe me when I say it wasn’t an easy choice – I love them all! But eventually I managed to decide on these four and I am so in love with the gorgeous sleeves they came in. I’ve since ordered two more from Zavvi, but sadly they haven’t arrived in the same sleeves, which I’m a bit annoyed about because they were advertised in the sleeves. Now I’m just trying to stop myself from buying the whole collection all at once!

I had a couple of nice meet-ups this month. The first was a get together with some friends I’ve made through being ill. We had a lovely vintage tea party to celebrate my birthday and I was so overwhelmed by the number of people who turned up. It’s the biggest meet-up I’ve ever held, and we all had such a lovely time together. I was shattered afterwards but it was so worth it! Then, last week, I went to my first blogger meet-up in Southampton, which I really enjoyed. I think my favourite part was seeing Lush there, as they gave me the best hand and arm massage I’ve ever had! I couldn’t say no to treating myself to a few Lush Halloween bits!

Things I’ve learnt this month…

+   Birthdays make me feel quite overwhelmed and reflective
+   Sometimes you need to be really blunt to get the support you need
+   When I’m sad I buy lipstick – I have a lot of lipstick
+   I am so completely exhausted
+   Without a few very special people I don’t think I’d be here
+   Sometimes you just need a bit of pampering
+   Some people are so hypocritical
+   It can be quite overwhelming being surrounded by people who care about you
+   I’m so glad I found blogging as a hobby
+   Sometimes you just need to give in to your body and accept that you’re not well
+   It’s so important to give yourself time to rest when you need to

What to look out for in November

There don’t seem to be a huge amount of DVDs coming out this November (that I like the look of anyway!) But I did find a couple that I’m looking forward to picking up this month. The first one, which I’m so excited for, is The Fault in Our Stars, which is released on 3rd November. I read the book ages ago, and although I didn’t quite get the hype, I did think it was a good book. I wasn’t able to get to the cinema to see it, so I’m hoping to order it from Amazon and possibly watch it with my friend Lilli. Also this month is a more silly film, that looks quite fun to watch. If you’ve ever watched Britain’s Got Talent, you may remember Pudsey the dog. Well, this year he made a movie. I’m not expecting particularly great things with this movie, but I’m sure it will be a light-hearted movie to pass the time with.


November TV is looking pretty good from where I’m standing. We’ve already got Downton Abbey, The X Factor and Strictly, but there’s a few more new shows starting off as well. To start with, this Sunday (2nd November) is The Simpsons Day on Channel 4. It starts at 12.30pm and I for one can’t wait! I’m a massive fan of The Simpsons and can’t wait for a whole afternoon dedicated to them! A more serious show that I’m excited to watch is The Missing on BBC One. It’s all about the emotional fallout of a child’s abduction and looks absolutely brilliant. Episode One has already aired so I’ll be catching up on that before the next one airs. We’ve also got I’m a Celebrity starting this November. Am I just being really dense, or does it normally start after Christmas? I don’t remember it being on at the same time as X-Factor last year, but oh well – just more to watch! I always enjoy seeing Ant and Dec’s funny relationship over a couple of weeks, and feeling very jealous when they show all the gorgeous photos of Australia.

There’s a really big film coming out next month – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. I absolutely loved the book and am a fan of both films so far, so I’m really excited to see the next instalment. It seems to be a bit of a trend these days to split the final book of a series into two films, so I’m hoping they will be able to keep the action going for both films.

Do you have any favourites or things you’ve learnt in October? What are you looking forward to in November?

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