Saturday, 20 September 2014

Brand Focus - Benefit

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I come across a brand that just can’t seem to do anything wrong. No matter what product they release, I just love everything they do. Not many brands can do this, but I’ve got my trusted few that I stick to no matter what. I thought I’d share one of my favourite brands with you today – Benefit.

I remember receiving my first Benefit product for my 18th Birthday – a mascara that I absolutely fell in love with. Since then I’ve gradually added to my collection, repurchasing particular favourites and trying out new releases. The only downside of Benefit products is obviously the price, but in a way that makes them even better because they feel like a real treat.

First up is my little collection of primers and concealers. I purchased Dr Feelgood ages ago and, to be honest, haven’t used it very much, so I must give it a go and see if it still does what it’s meant to do! My absolute favourite product that I have continually repurchased is Erase Paste; definitely my favourite concealer. It comes in a few different colours – I go for the lightest, as I’m pretty pale! It’s not too thick but gives great coverage and just sinks into my skin beautifully. Here we also have the Porefessional, which is great for hiding pores and I especially use this on my nose, where my pores are particularly visible. Lastly in this category is Fake Up, which I actually only recently received as part of a gift set and am yet to try, but it looks good so I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

Next come the foundation-style products. I’ve had You Rebel for a while and am really pleased with it as a tinted moisturiser. Despite only being a moisturiser, it gives your face a lovely warm glow and is especially brilliant for the summer when you don’t want anything too heavy. However, more recently I’ve been converted the Big Easy CC Cream and now use it every day. It’s a liquid-to-powder cream and gives amazing coverage while still looking light and dewy. Alongside these two products I also love to use a highlighter to brighten my cheekbones, nose and forehead. High Beam has a gorgeous pinky tone and gives a lovely shimmer where you would normally reflect light.

This photo doesn’t actually show all the eye products I use now, but it gives you an idea. The Bad Gal eyeliner goes on like a dream and gives me a lovely eyeliner shape. If I’m honest I don’t usually go for Benefit eye shadows because I think there are cheaper ones out there that are just as good, but this was a gift so I wasn’t going to say no! It gives a lovely colour and is easy to apply. I’ve also started using They’re Real mascara, which I have absolutely fallen in love with. It makes my eyelashes look long and pretty without any clumps – what more can you ask for?!

Lastly, something I’ve only recently come across is Benefit’s skincare range and I really wish I’d found it sooner! I got these lovely samples when I picked up some other products and loved trying them out. I particularly liked the It’s Potent Eye Cream, which really brightened the area around my eyes while providing plenty of moisture. I have also recently tried the Benefit facial serum and, if I could afford to, would continue to repurchase it time after time. It smelt gorgeously fresh and was lovely and cooling to apply to my face after cleansing and toning.

So, there you have it. A brief round up of some of my favourite Benefit products, which hasn’t included any of the blushers and bronzers I’ve picked up more recently!

Are you a Benefit fan? What’s your favourite product, or can you recommend another brand I should try out?


  1. I love Benefit! I remember buying Benetint just after my 18th Birthday on my first ever visit to a swanky department store that stocked it. I may still have the fancy bag I got with it!

    Recently, I've been buying more and more Benefit bits and bobs. Granted, it takes a bit of saving before I can add to the collection, but it feels like such a treat. I love Fine One One for everyday cheeks, since I'm really not that great with makeup I like the face I can just swipe it on and give it a blend with my fingers!


    1. It's great isn't it Collette! One of my favourite make-up brands :) I will have to look into that Fine One One - I've not heard of it before! xx

  2. I really like your blog, I'm a big cat fan too, if you check out my header lol x

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  4. The only downside of Benefit products is obviously the price, but in a way that makes them even better because they feel like a real treat.
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    1. Very true! I always save buying anything from Benefit until I feel I deserve a bit of a treat :)